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Disneyland Paris

Published Monday, 11 June 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I don’t know why it is taking me to long to write about my adventures. I think, it is because I have only about one month left in France before I return to the USA. I hate being reminded on all the work I must do to return, but there are so many more adventures. This adventure is a bit sad because it was the last grand adventure I had with Stephanie. She returned home at the end of May.

After the morning and a bit of the afternoon in Versailles, Stephanie and I headed back to Paris to pick up our good friend, Yumi! Once we met up we took the next RER to Disneyland Paris. It took a while to get to Disneyland, but we finally got there. The cloudy and rainy morning has gave way to a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon. Disneyland was quite empty.
I followed Stephanie around because she had been to Disney a few times, had a pass, and is just crazy from Disney! She knew the park like the back of her hand!

We tackled the rides without difficult waits and lines!
The rides we took: Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Le Carrousel de Lancelot, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, and Casey Jr.- le Petit Train du Cirque.

Here are a few of my favorite rides:

The Phantom Manor was quite fun! We got into a little separate seated ride that took us around a creepy house. The effects were very impressive! I could not figure out how they did everything! The story was very sad and chilling too. A young kid would only see the haunted house but there is a story! It is like the Corpse Bride’s personal story of a sad bride.

Big Thunder Mountain was perhaps the best ride! There was a long line for this ride because it is the most popular ride. Stephanie said it was a must. We all were screaming and laughing as the train took us through the hills and valley of the west…very fast!

Pirates of the Caribbean was not what most people expected. The ride was older with less impressive effect, and the theme was based on the old Pirates of the Caribbean. In other word, there was no Captain Jack Sparrow! I didn’t care. The ride it self was fun! the boat went down waterfall and showed scenery of burning cities! The ride is once of my favorites! I wanted to go again right when I got out!

At the end of our day, I saw Le Carrousel de Lancelot. I begged to get on! We all hopped on a golden horse and went around in a whirl of lights. I really liked this carousel because it was very classical. Now-a-days carousel can be seen with modern characters and strange flashing lights. Classic fun!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups were a must stop! The tea cups move in such a crazy way! Having a group of friends to twirl the tea cup makes a great time of laughter! Oh how we giggles and laughed together on this twirling ride!

We also explored : La Cabane des Robinson, Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, and Sleeping Beauty Castle.


My favorite was Alice’s Curious Labyrinth! The maze was actually pretty hard. I was always taking the wrong turn and even got lost! Characters from Wonderland popped up here and there as we found our way. we look perfect all dressed in lolita. Alice is an inspiration to the lolita fashion.

Also, my favorite was Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The stain glass windows and tapestries told the story of Sleeping Beauty. I was breathless viewing the detailed windows and tapestries!


A lot of people might be wondering how 3 lolitas got into Disney with out any trouble. First of all, we were not over the top with wigs, bows, and socks. We worn our plain solid dresses with nothing else. As plain as we were in the lolita world, people did notice your style. We were even approached but people who knew the style. But that is the nice balance, the notice. If too many people notice you, Disney will not want you in the parks. The character actors must shine first!


After Disney closed we went shopping and ate dinner at 10pm. I bought my first collection of Disney Collector Pins!  Finally, we took the last RER back to Paris and the “sweeper metro” ( last metro) back to Stephanie’s place. We were worn out!



I have so many adventures to look forward to in my remaining time in France!


Spring in Versailles’ Garden

Published Thursday, 31 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I took a long time to start writing this adventure because, not only my heart post, but this was my last adventure with Stephanie, just her and I. Now, I cannot imagine Versailles or Paris with out her. She and I met at the Baby Tea Party, but our friendship sparked quickly. She and I stayed up to 3 am just talking. We never shut up together. I am going to miss her!
Anyway, sorry for the sad start to this adventure! Because, this day had the most adventures!

On a Sunday, Stephanie and I went to Versailles. We thought going on a Sunday would help with the crowds, but it was so very crowded. I was overwhelmed. Only in February, there was a light crowd. We never waited in a line and roamed the palace and garden freely.

We only wanted to go to the gardens, so the line was very small.
In the Garden as we moved away from the palace, the garden became more bearable. Many paths on the side were empty with a few people wander around.

The reason I went back to Versailles is because I am love with the romantic Rococo atmosphere of the palace and the spring time garden. Plus, we wanted to twin in Lolita, which means to wear the same dress on purpose. Another dream come true!  The atmosphere of the palace was not felt at all. Since, it was covered with tourist at the time. But, I loved the bright green, lush grass, full flowers, and spring trees in the garden.
We also viewed the Musical Fountains. We sat there for 3 rounds! We started laughing, and romantically viewing the water dance.  One could believe we were part of Marie Antoinette with our frilly dresses.


By the way our dress, We are both wearing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s Dessert one piece, my favorite. I have the older version in pink, and she has the newest version in lavender. Girls from China (I think) spotted us and said, “Lolita?” The girls said that they wore lolita dresses too! She took pictures with us and in exchange they took a picture for us.

The morning started to turn to a dark gray noon. The clouds became heavy and the wind cold. I felt a storm. Stephanie took me to her favorite place. It is just to the left of the palace. There is a view of a garden of swirls and  a lake behind it. Stephanie said it was her favorite part.

The rain began to fall. Then we went into one of the many side doors in search of a bathroom. The bathroom we found had one toilet. I am sorry, but every situation I have been in here in France there has been a lack of respect for toilets. It was not fun, but I looked outside and the rain was pouring! I was happy to wait for the rain to stop.
We found this interesting room. The room was covered with wild black and white wallpaper and had a modern chandler.

Soon, we left. But our day was nothing but over!

Deco-den at Baby Paris

Published Saturday, 19 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

So far this is my 4th lesson from Megu in Decoden. I first made little whip cream rings, but now I am off to what I dream of doing. I want to put gems all over everything! Megu’s last lesson was a free for all. You just brought in something you wanted to deco. I choose my camera’s lens cover to cover with gems!

So, on a Sunday I went to Paris and went to a museum to wait till the fun began! I had tea at Starbucks and waited for my friends. We had a nice time talked before walking to Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Baby full of petticoats and lolitas

Megu works hard to put together these events for anyone who whats to start in decoden. She sets up tables in the shop and has to clean afterwards. Megu served me first because I just bought the little gems.
It was really hard to move around because of the petticoats and tables! I stood around, took pictures, and talked with others.

Megu serving crafting lolitas

As everyone was busy, i took the time to look around my favorite shop! There are so many wonderful things! I love to place my hands on the dresses and skirts. I like to look at the waves of bows and ribbons. The rainbow of lace and socks forever call my name. It is a wonderland.


I am in love with the Bunny-Bear Bags! I have everyone of them but the huge one! I love him so much! (I found one on eBay but the person has never emailed me back. If someone in France wants to help me contact this seller please help me!)
I looked bad that day because I walked in the rain to get to the train station in the morning.

Hug the Bunny! Photo by Ling

So enough playing around in the store! I had work to do! And, I worked hard; but, I was the only one not to finish! It was tedious but relaxing. I was able to forget everything and think of my sparkles. I loved it! I stayed behind as the others left to stay with Megu. We talked for a long time before I had to go to the train station.

My supplies and Totoro are waiting!

My unfinished camera lens

Megu invited me to stay with her the next week. I was able to finish my decoden! Plus, she threw a little sushi party! Till the next post!

My finished decoden project! It needs to be cleaned…. I can’t wait to do more!

Lets Keep it Simple

Published Friday, 11 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I find myself attracted to simply dresses and skirts in lolita. Because of Lolita Wonderland‘s post, For the Love of Simplicity, I thought, I would share some of the dresses and skirts I love from the current spring/summer 2012 season.

First, Angelic Pretty is most known for the crazy sweet prints and bright crazy colors. There have been re-releases of famous and desirable that sold out in seconds and are still sold at crazy high prices. Personally, these are not my favorite dress. However, this season Angelic Pretty seems to have many softer dress that play more on the fabric and lace. They’ve been for the most part over shadowed by other things, which is normal.
I’ve chosen three dress or jumperskirts and two skirt, all of which are simple but lovely. Lets start! Clockwise:
Retro Doll is soft and light. It is simple but it is easy to dress it up with the large bow!
Mary Gingham is so old school. I love the Old School look but I am not fond of the limited colors, white, black, red, and navy. However, this Mary Gingham has a bright pink, light blue and yellow with the old school red and black.
Sugary Baby Doll is shown as the skirt and jumperskirt with a detail of the lace. I found this resent release so adorable. It is an easy wear for everyday in summer.  The cotton lace really makes it summery! Angelic Pretty often uses a tulle lace. I always love the lace details.
Vintage School is darker for then the other dresses, but I like darker colors too! The navy look is very popular this season.

Next is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, my favorite brand. Baby is more known for simpler dresses! Of course, I love this! However, they also have popular prints that overshadow most of their lovely simple things!
Again, lets start clockwise.
Dessert One Piece is my dream dress! I bought it just a month ago! The dress is very detailed and airy. The sleeves are comfortable but still has a nice poof. The bodice is made with the usual think cotton lace that I drool over every time I see it. This dress is a remake; they’ve made a similar dress for the past few years. This one dress summaries the lolita style.
Pas de Deux is actually a ballerina print that I love. But, there is a plain skirt which is just as lovely. The ruffle and lace really make this skirt a lolita skirt. It is plain, but a wonderful skirt to dress up and down.
Arietta is a casual dress that falls out of lolita into casual.  The top looks like a nice frilly blouse but the bottom is just as frilly with lace and ruffles! I love the pastel colors and the easy look this dress possesses. Sometimes, I think, lolitas try to hard.
Karami Gingham is another old school dress. To be honest, I was not attracted to this dress when I saw it on the site but once I saw it in the Paris store I thought it was lovely! It is actually very detailed and pleasing on most people!

Now, I am not against prints. I have a few prints because I have a weakness for animals. I have skirts with the prints of fawns, bears, and bunnies! How cute! And I have a dress list with a few prints. Honesty, I am just more excited about seeing a plain simple dress on sale then a printed dress. Printed dresses or skirts are usually more expensive because of the ink. I would rather have a dress or skirt for less money but more detail in the lace, construction, and ruffles. That is just me.
And you?

I hope that you enjoyed a break from my traveling posts. There are more adventures always! Till then!


Published Thursday, 10 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

After the rain came  the afternoon sun. Marine took Yumi and me on a walk to the near by beach. The walk was so nice after eating lunch. We walked to a little harbor for boats, and we continued across a bridge to the beach.

In the harbor, where the light changed in every wind blow.

The sun  was dancing in the water because of the wind. And once on the beach, the movement of the waves, light, and wind became a dance. I remember mostly the movement- our dresses blowing in the wind, running away from the waves, climbing on the rocks, walking in the sand.

The crashing waves behind us never got us.

I have somehow lost my pictures on my computer of the day. I hope, they are just out of sight, not lost. But, I have Marine’s pictures. Her camera takes multiple pictures and seems to catch every movement. I made these gif. of movement from the time on the beach.

Marine didn’t make the picture on time.

Marine made the picture in time.

It is hard for me to imagine that just behind me -respectably- is my home. My home far, far away from there on that beach. How can the world feel so small and large at the same time? Now, this, this is a different kind of movement- a movement of awe and wonder.

So small and large.

Dive in with Rain

Published Wednesday, 9 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

After staying the night in Dives-sur-Mer, we explored a little bit of the town. However, it was raining and very cold! But never fear, a little rain cannot spoil our smiles!

Yumi and Marine smiling

We went by car to a local seafood market. They bought mussels for lunch. The sellers laughed at me because I kept my distance from the dead fish. I just don’t have the heart to even look at the live fish or crabs or lobsters.

The Rain

Then again by car, Marine, Yumi, and I hopped out in the rain in the center of Dives. Because of the suppressing rain, we dived into a cathedral. Sadly, the cathedral was being worked on and hard to see the architecture. The cathedral was quite small and crud, but the history was interesting. On the west wall above the main doors, the names of all the men who went with William, Duke of Normandy, to England are listed.

a corner in the cathedral.

Me, Marine and Yumi


A kind woman raved about our lolita dresses. She was so pleased and happy to see us for some reason. She was so sweet. She then gave Marine some money and told us to go buy something sweet!

Stopping by a pastry shop

After Maine bought us some sweets, we walked with umbrellas  up to the old wooden market. It is amazing that it is still standing! I wish there were more markets in the USA.

The wooden market with Yumi!

Once again umbrellas up, we went to the old center of town. I guess, when town was still a wee village, it looked like this.

The old center

Soon, we went back for lunch and to our happiness the sun came out for the rest of the day! So, we continued our adventure!


Giverny: Monet’s House and Gardens

Published Saturday, 5 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Once I arrived in Giverny, I felt like walking in a painting. Colorful flowers were scattered around as if a crystal was reflecting rainbows. Marine, Yumi, and I swum in the colors. We weaved in and out of other people taking pictures of the flowers, smiling, and twirling in our dresses.

Monet’s House

And we were not even in Monet’s personal garden or house yet. The gardens made Monet’s paintings clear. His inspiration came to life. The reality that the fairy tales of the reflective Lily Pond and green bridge was real took my breath away. The the colors, reflection, and flowers mixed together just like Monet’s palette.

Monet thought of his garden when he traveled. He wrote Alice many letters in concern of his garden. He was like most artist of the time; Monet went to Paris in his youth to start his career, but he was more in love with nature. In nature he returned. I feel the same. I have a deep love for Paris but I have nature on my mind all the time.

Step up to Monet’s home

Willow’s reflections

Although, walking in a fairy land was great and wonderful. Yet, the magic was my friends. Being with my friends was magic. The only magic I need to keep in my life. Friendship has become more and more special as I’ve been in France. Friendship with new and old friends have became gold. I went to give all my love to people I love. I want to give so much because I don’t know how much longer I use my arms to hug them. By this I mean, I might be limited to letters and facebook. Nothing is like seeing a friend move and smile with you. Magic.

Magic Friendship / Credit to Marine

Red Red Red/ Credit to Marine

Sweet Yumi

Marvelous Marine

Jump! // credit to Marine

I thought I would introduce a new blog about the totoro I am holding. It is called Totoro’s Adventure. Please take a look.

Silly Sydney / Credit to Marine

And thank you Mme Patricia for taking us to Giverny!

Many more posts to come! Thank you for looking!