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Giverny: Monet’s House and Gardens

Published Saturday, 5 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Once I arrived in Giverny, I felt like walking in a painting. Colorful flowers were scattered around as if a crystal was reflecting rainbows. Marine, Yumi, and I swum in the colors. We weaved in and out of other people taking pictures of the flowers, smiling, and twirling in our dresses.

Monet’s House

And we were not even in Monet’s personal garden or house yet. The gardens made Monet’s paintings clear. His inspiration came to life. The reality that the fairy tales of the reflective Lily Pond and green bridge was real took my breath away. The the colors, reflection, and flowers mixed together just like Monet’s palette.

Monet thought of his garden when he traveled. He wrote Alice many letters in concern of his garden. He was like most artist of the time; Monet went to Paris in his youth to start his career, but he was more in love with nature. In nature he returned. I feel the same. I have a deep love for Paris but I have nature on my mind all the time.

Step up to Monet’s home

Willow’s reflections

Although, walking in a fairy land was great and wonderful. Yet, the magic was my friends. Being with my friends was magic. The only magic I need to keep in my life. Friendship has become more and more special as I’ve been in France. Friendship with new and old friends have became gold. I went to give all my love to people I love. I want to give so much because I don’t know how much longer I use my arms to hug them. By this I mean, I might be limited to letters and facebook. Nothing is like seeing a friend move and smile with you. Magic.

Magic Friendship / Credit to Marine

Red Red Red/ Credit to Marine

Sweet Yumi

Marvelous Marine

Jump! // credit to Marine

I thought I would introduce a new blog about the totoro I am holding. It is called Totoro’s Adventure. Please take a look.

Silly Sydney / Credit to Marine

And thank you Mme Patricia for taking us to Giverny!

Many more posts to come! Thank you for looking!