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The meaning of “Au Revior”

Published Wednesday, 15 May 2013 by sydneysunnyray

When taught simple French, goodbye is simply “au revoir”.  

Top Left-My cutsew from Angelic Pretty // Top Right – My birthday present from Angelic Pretty //  Bottom Left- Hugs with Emilie // Bottom Right – Hugs with Rosalynn *All Photos from Rosalynn*

After the Angelic Tea Party, I felt like changing after the tea party. I wanted to be more comfortable at the end of the day. I talked with Rosalynn and Emilie. I know if we lived closer we would good friends. I felt like I’ve known them more than just 2 days! We said our goodbyes and parted. You can see the pain in my face as the hour drew closer to my plane ride back home. I walked to the Opera to met friends for dinner. I ate all day…

My last views of Paris as I walked with friends.

Marine, Marine, and Yumi found me, and we searched for a place to eat. Around the Opera there is a surprising amount of Asian restaurants! I think we ate a noodle restaurant. I chose a kimchi noodle plate. “Miam miam!”

My beautiful friends.

We walked back to the Opera. We just stood there and looked at each other on the steps of the Opera. We wrapped our arms around each other. Our noses became red, our eyes water, and we hugged tight. Surprisingly, we laughed too. Our words were not goodbye. The French never say goodbye.

My last view of my friends before I turned my back.

The French say:

A Bientot” – See You Soon
A Demain” – See You Tomorrow
Bonne Journee / Soiree / Nuit” – Good day/ Even / Night
Bonsoir” – Good night
Salut” – See Ya

When The French do say “Good Bye” it is – “Au Revoir”. However, this means “to see again”.  “Voir” means “to see” and “re-” means “again”.
The only word close to “Good Bye” is “Adieu” – “To See You With God”

My favorite part of French is the lack of “Good Bye” the language. Merci.

This is an ode of “Au Revoir”  to my friends I met and shared my studying abroad experience. I cried (openly or privately) when I parted from them. We never said “Good Bye” – only words in French and kisses on the cheek.
Vasilisa – My Russian sister of Amiens, I love you so much. I miss you. I will visit your wonderful country one day!
Agathe and My Family – I can never repay your kindness during Christmas. My French greatly improved with just a short stay with you. I will miss you every Christmas forever.
Marine and Marine- My Sisters, you took me under your wings. You showed me everything in France! You are my beautiful twin friends.
Karima– My Sister, your astounding english taught me so must French. You have such a warm heart!
YumiMy Yumi, My sister from Japan, You are so sweet. I miss your hugs, kind eyes and laughs. Thank you for answering my many questions about Japanese culture.
Mme Patricia and Marine’s Family – I will never be able to repay your kindness. I learned so much about France with you.
Rosalynn– My blogger sister, if only we had more time. You are so sweet and pure. I love watching you grow confident! Sing loud, dear!
Emilie – I admire you and your art! I am so glad I met you!
Samantha – I never thought I would meet you. You are the Princess of Fashion Blogs! You are always so kind to me.
Megu – You are a beautifulv, wonderful, girl! You are strong, cute, and fun. I look up to like a big sister! Forever 17!
Claire– Your smile always helped me feel better.  You gave me a complaint, which I will  always keep close to my heart.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris– You stole all my money, but you keep it. You let me find amazing friends and people that I would never have found on my own. Thank you forever!

Parents– Thank you for your support. You always support my dreams. “Ya”ll” are my home
Friends in the States – Because of you, I grew happy to be living in the middle of nowhere again. Thanks!

I met so many people and did so much.
But, life continues, does it not? That is why I’ve not been able to post. With so much school stress finally over, I am able to rest.

Yet, only for a little time!
YES! I am returning to Europe (leaving this week). I will travel by sea with my mom’s best friend to Spain and Southern France. I am her traveling buddy! She does not fly, and I have plenty of time to be at sea and land. She was kind enough to  plan a stop in Paris! I will see some of my dear friends!

There is no “Good Bye”s in French. 


When not in Paris…

Published Thursday, 15 December 2011 by Sydney Sunny

When not in Paris, what do I do?

Oh, how I love Paris, but it is always there waiting for me. As the end of the semester crept up, I slacked. I have not set foot in Paris in December. Horrible. Ghastly.
However, what do I do? I do one of the most important things. I love Paris, but seeing my friends is more special, then the cold city of Paris.

Amiens in Christmas lights - Top: Perfum d'Hiver -Middle: Hotel de Ville d'Amiens -Bottom: Cathedral in the background with lights

On the 3rd of December, it was not only International Lolita Day, but Pauline’s birthday. Pauline is a native of Amiens who I meet through Vasilisa.  Pauline has studied in the US and Russia. She speaks perfect English and clear French. I am thankful for her patience when I speak French.

Top: Vasilisa and Pauline with Hot Cider Bottom: My Roasted Chestnuts


We walked around the center of town. The center of Amiens has a lot of common European chain stores, same as Paris. There is H&M, Cache-Cache, Jennifer, and more! There was a large crowd of Christmas shoppers! It was overwhelming! But I was more interested in the new decorations for “Parfums d’Hiver”! There were Christmas light and red Christmas huts with gifts or food. We each bought something warm to fight the approaching cold night air. I bought roasted chestnuts (rare to find in the US), and Pauline and Vaslisa bought hot apple cider- which had a little something, something in it. (I sipped it but I guess since I’m from Tennessee with Scot- Irish background, I prefer a little stronger.)

My outfit for International Lolita Day Skirt: BTSSB (I curled my hair)

On Sunday, I had tea with Dieu-Ly – said like the word “Joli” in Fernch, which means “pretty”. She is so sweet! She baked gingerbread men! They were so yummy and cute! Also, we had full leaf Christmas tea. I love spicy teas the best! We talked about everything under the sun- in English.  I was going to practice my French, but I was so caught up in seeing her. I can not express how sweet she is to me!  I had such a nice time. Her family can and went in her home. This made me feel like I was back at home too! She also gave me #2 and #3 of L’Empire Dentelle! However, Dieu-Ly had a cold! I hope she is better by now!

I think I ate him!


After a week of classes, the 11th came around- Vasilisa’s Birthday!! After a confusing meet up, she took Pauline and me to a warm café I’ve had my eye since I came to France! Everything was on the Birthday Girl! We all ordered tea. Our tea was very warm and full of spice. And, we each had our sweets! Pauline had a crêpe Nutella, Vasilisa a chocolate brownie, and me a crêpe sucre. I’ve had chocolate on crêpes over and over, but never a nice plain sugar crêpe. The sugar crêpe was divine!

Left to Right: Vasilisa // my crepe // Pauline

All together!

UPDATE: I was picked by a local student doing a project on the contrast of French fashion and Japanese Kawaii Fashion. He has taken pictures of me, and he says he will give them to me. And, we have planed an interview. I hope to post about this event. Till then!