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Angelic Pretty Paris Tea Party – 2012

Published Monday, 13 May 2013 by sydneysunnyray

The Vedome Column at Place Vendome

After the Lolita Convention I was whipped away on the subway to the magical land of Angelic Pretty. Angelic Pretty’s tea party was hold at the Ritz Hotel.  The Ritz sits at Place Vendome, which is home to famous expensive stores. The Ritz is not for the faint hearted. This is a 5 star hotel, famous, and Princess Diana fled to her death from here.

Hotel Ritz Paris

I was so excited to place my little pink feet inside such a famous and exclusive hotel. The Ritz is under construction at the moment till summer 2014.

The Tea Room

Lolitas in poofy petticoats were directed into a stunning room. The room glowed with chandeliers, the walls covered with romantic paintings, the carpet and ceiling full of gold swirls, and the full length windows open to a wonderful garden. Sadly, I do not remember the name of this room.

Tea, please

‘R’ for chocolate

Soon the room filled up with girls. everyone was given a number for a best dress contest. We were told to talk, take picture, and to have drinks or chocolate. Every girl was like a princess.
I felt a bit out-of-place. My style is not the over-the-top-sweet lolita style that Angelic Pretty is known for. To tell you the truth, I felt a lot out-of-place. I was very emotional this day because it was the end of my journey in France. I felt overwhelmed. I enjoy more looking back at the tea party, then when I was there. I felt horribly sad at the time, but happy!

Anyways back to the tea party!

Maki and Asuka

The hosts, Maki and Asuka, entered in all their glory! I was breathless by them. They were perfect little dolls in the newest Angelic Pretty collection. Their outfits were classical but pastel.  Their makeup was flawless too. I tried to take close up pictures of their makeup.

Me with Asuka and Maki

Not only were they pretty, they were nice. They went to every girl and talked with them, as best as they could. They also stopped for pictures when ever asked. I felt bad that they could not relax!

And Picture of Maki, me, and Asuka when I left.

I sat away to drink some tea. I watched others take pictures. I became strangely shy and nervous. I asked no one for pictures and no one asked for mine. Then Asuka came to me. She said that she like my skirt. I was flabbergasted! My skirt was very old school. (I found it cheap second-hand in France. My favorite Angelic Pretty skirt was at home in the USA! ) Asuka pointed at it and said it was old and rare. Then she said that she had the same skirt.
At once a “cheap” Angelic Pretty skirt became gold.
Also, she was happy to see my pink “BearFace” pouch!

Chocolate Rosette

As for the new collection, Angelic Pretty displayed the new Chocolate Rosette. The designers described the new collection as a bit different and English inspired.

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Birthday Cake

I found the new collection beautiful and yummy.
There was plenty of chocolate and sweets for all to eat! I will not try to explain the taste of the wonderful cakes. The pictures of food porn can honor you with delight!

Happy Birthday!

At one point, the host called out names. I was one of the few names. We all stood in a line in the front. Then a cake that was on fire came in the room, and it was for our birthdays! My birthday was about 2 weeks before the tea party, so I was completely surprised!  I was given a little gift -a pony cell phone charm. I adore it.

Winner for Best Dressed

Also, I want to present the winner of the contest- “Marijke Wilms”. She has always been nice to me! She is also starting a wonderful store- Rose Trianon.

I had a lot of fun. Many dreams came true that day!

My outfit:

Me with the Angelic Pretty Tea Party hosts.

Skirt, Pouch, Hair Clip, Charm: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop
Glitter Bow: 6% DokiDoki

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When not in Paris…

Published Thursday, 15 December 2011 by Sydney Sunny

When not in Paris, what do I do?

Oh, how I love Paris, but it is always there waiting for me. As the end of the semester crept up, I slacked. I have not set foot in Paris in December. Horrible. Ghastly.
However, what do I do? I do one of the most important things. I love Paris, but seeing my friends is more special, then the cold city of Paris.

Amiens in Christmas lights - Top: Perfum d'Hiver -Middle: Hotel de Ville d'Amiens -Bottom: Cathedral in the background with lights

On the 3rd of December, it was not only International Lolita Day, but Pauline’s birthday. Pauline is a native of Amiens who I meet through Vasilisa.  Pauline has studied in the US and Russia. She speaks perfect English and clear French. I am thankful for her patience when I speak French.

Top: Vasilisa and Pauline with Hot Cider Bottom: My Roasted Chestnuts


We walked around the center of town. The center of Amiens has a lot of common European chain stores, same as Paris. There is H&M, Cache-Cache, Jennifer, and more! There was a large crowd of Christmas shoppers! It was overwhelming! But I was more interested in the new decorations for “Parfums d’Hiver”! There were Christmas light and red Christmas huts with gifts or food. We each bought something warm to fight the approaching cold night air. I bought roasted chestnuts (rare to find in the US), and Pauline and Vaslisa bought hot apple cider- which had a little something, something in it. (I sipped it but I guess since I’m from Tennessee with Scot- Irish background, I prefer a little stronger.)

My outfit for International Lolita Day Skirt: BTSSB (I curled my hair)

On Sunday, I had tea with Dieu-Ly – said like the word “Joli” in Fernch, which means “pretty”. She is so sweet! She baked gingerbread men! They were so yummy and cute! Also, we had full leaf Christmas tea. I love spicy teas the best! We talked about everything under the sun- in English.  I was going to practice my French, but I was so caught up in seeing her. I can not express how sweet she is to me!  I had such a nice time. Her family can and went in her home. This made me feel like I was back at home too! She also gave me #2 and #3 of L’Empire Dentelle! However, Dieu-Ly had a cold! I hope she is better by now!

I think I ate him!


After a week of classes, the 11th came around- Vasilisa’s Birthday!! After a confusing meet up, she took Pauline and me to a warm café I’ve had my eye since I came to France! Everything was on the Birthday Girl! We all ordered tea. Our tea was very warm and full of spice. And, we each had our sweets! Pauline had a crêpe Nutella, Vasilisa a chocolate brownie, and me a crêpe sucre. I’ve had chocolate on crêpes over and over, but never a nice plain sugar crêpe. The sugar crêpe was divine!

Left to Right: Vasilisa // my crepe // Pauline

All together!

UPDATE: I was picked by a local student doing a project on the contrast of French fashion and Japanese Kawaii Fashion. He has taken pictures of me, and he says he will give them to me. And, we have planed an interview. I hope to post about this event. Till then!