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Oh, Paris!

Published Wednesday, 18 July 2012 by Sydney Sunny

The best place to start is Notre Dame.

Another day in Paris, as the month June rolled along. The weather had been a little hot of the past few weeks as summer started to bloom. I was ready to try once again to go to the towers of Notre Dame.  I had longed to go up for so long but the lines are long too. Plus it is only weather permitting. Finally, there has been great weather! However, it did not hold out. The cloud crept in as I made plans and the wind blow cold.
When I met in Paris for my friends, the rain drops started to innocently fall on me. Why now?

Waiting in line for the towers gave interesting views of the side of the famous cathedral.

We did get in line for the Tower Tour (facing the front- the left), and we did wait for a wait but suddenly the rain poured from the heavens! I was distraught. The rain was miserable for me and my friends. I was the only one bent to go to the towers. So, I gave in. I hate rain, cold, and hunger.

The gargoyles perched on Notre Dame before their mouths because full of water.

So off we went, to the joy of the people behind us, to find a place to eat. We went to the Opera looking for some sushi. I have a deep love of sushi now and the Opera has a great selection for sushi, Japanese, or Korean food.

The Opera is always beautiful!

A funny situation unraveled when the boy ordered a bowl of white rice to accompany their sushi. They put a little shower of soy-sauce on the rice. Yumi, who is from Japan, laughed in surprise and amazement. She told them that it is considered rude to put soy-sauce on plain rice. I have heard of this but to see Yumi’s eye light up with the cultural difference made me smile.

Totoro watches and drools over the yummy sushi. There is cucumber,  avocado,  and pickled radish sushi.

Afterwards, we went to our favorite shops in the Bastille area, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Les Fleurs, and Boddywood.
I only bought something from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I bought about 3 pairs of sock and, I think, a few other things.

The little store I talk of, 6 Rue de Keller, Les Fleurs.

I really want to talk about Les Fleurs. I think, it is the name of the store. It is located on Rue de Keller and number 6. The store is full of unique homemade things. It reminds me of a real Esty store location. There are elegant, cute, and fun things. I had my eye on a crystal collar, I fingered the clock necklaces and I laughed at the mustache necklaces.

A vintage scooter next to the store that I believe a worker owns.

Time was running short, and we wanted to use our all day metro tickets. So, we went to Montmartre. I hate walking up the stairs to the Sacre Coeur. The stairs have people sitting, performing, tieing things on your arm, touching you, and just being loud. The area is not a relaxing area. Also, the Sacre Coeur is beautiful but does not interest me as Gothic Cathedrals do.

Sarce Coeur sits on a hill and has a great view of Paris.

However, it was easier because my French friends were with me. They guided us though the men saleing bracelets and the people seated on the steps. Once in the artist district, we looked are the artist and shops. Marine and Yumi got some ice cream.

Nice cool ice cram is starting to melt by the time they have their pictures taken.

The graffiti is very interesting at Montmartre.

We parted for another time. I waited for my train and returned to Amiens, till next time.

There is nowhere to sit and wait for trains in Gare du Nord. I like to find a metal post in front of the train tracks.


A nice welcome back to Amiens.


Congratulations! and Move out!

Published Friday, 6 July 2012 by Sydney Sunny

This is a Congratulations to me. I am writing this in advice, but I am scheduled to move out today from me room in Amiens. Although, I have has hard times in Amiens, I love Amiens. I could never survive living in Paris or a larger city. This is a great place to visit, and the love of Gothic is here. The cathedral makes me fall in love with Gothic every time I pass by it! It is my love! And my room is a safe place. I have pictures of letters from loved ones, drawings, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bags and Animals on my bed. I made it a cozy little hole in the wall. But, I will strip it and say goodbye.

Anyways, I am moving out. I have gathered a lot of things while staying in France -somethings to live, somethings for pleasure, somethings from friends. I have  to give some away and keep only the most important things. It is a lot of work, but refreshing.  I get to start a new life, again. It is like I left but never did. I changed but the same. My experiences here in France will become a dream.

BUT! My adventures will not end! I have a few post that I have not done. I never got around to writing them. And also, I will have new adventures before I leave France on Tuesday!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s ticket for the Paris Tea Party! Wish #55 luck for the  lottery!

I have be picked for the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party in Paris! I will get to meet and see again many people! There are going to be lolitas from all around the world!

I will go to Japon Expo, the biggest Japanese culture convention in Europe, on Sunday with my expert friends! I hope to see my family again too!

The last day, I will then go to the Lolita Convention in Paris! Plus, my name was drawn for the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris! The Tea Party will be held at the Ritz in Paris! Amazing!

My name is drawn for the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris!

Finally, on the 10th I will have to leave early in the morning to get on my plane back to the HOT land of America. I hope my tears will not fall to badly on this day. I will arrive home in the evening after another plane. I will be extremely jet-laged from living in another time zone, tired mentally, very busy with school work and also home life, and stressed about fitting back into the American culture.
So, I will have to blog when I can, and I will try to post great things. But like I said, it might be a little bit of a wait! Stick with me please!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

PS: Visit Totoro often!

Beauty – be not caused – It is.

Published Thursday, 17 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

“Beauty is not caused. It is.” -Emily Dickinson

As an introduction I want to say, I was often annoyed with my photo class; however, it was one of my best classes here in France. The teacher always told us to make something or build something and take pictures of it. So, He wanted us to make something happen then take a picture of it. I, personally, prefer waiting. I love to go for a walk and find the sun at a perfect angle on the dew drop. I am not the one to go to a field with a eye dropper to make dew. This is who I am. I am a natural photographer. When I make something, I do take pictures to preserve the idea in the future. However, if I had the choice, the made object would be displayed as itself not a photo. Thus, the class pushed me to go past my comfort zone, and that is why I enjoyed it.
For my last project, the project was called “Les Mots”. The subject had to be words. I found a poem by Emily Dickinson that said what I felt during the class’s projects.

It is written in French because it was a French course, so forgive the simple language. – translation and explanation below.’

Beauté – être pas causé – Elle Est –

La chasser, et elle cesse –
La chase pas, et elle demeure –

Dépasser les plis

Dans le pré – lorsque le vent
Exécute ses doigts a travers elle-
Divinité veillera à ce
Que vous n’avez jamais le faire –
Emily Dickinson

Les photo dit – <<Beauty is not caused. It Is. >>   Ou  <<Beauté n’est pas causé. Elle est. >>

L’art est la beauté. On fait l’art, et on veut l’art avoir la beauté. C’est simple. Non, la beauté est différente pour chaque personne. Une personne verra la beauté, l’autre ne verra rien. Chaque jour, elle change. Dans le monde de mode, elle change très rapide. La beauté d’aujourd’hui ne sera rien dans les années.
La beauté qui est belle toujours est la nature. On ne fait pas. On veut la copie. La nature change, mais c’est la même chose chaque année : Le printemps- les fleurs colorées, l’été – l’arbre vert, l’automne – les feuilles colorées, l’hiver- la neige blanche. La nature est belle.


Beauty — be not caused — It Is —

Chase it, and it ceases —
Chase it not, and it abides —

Overtake the Creases

In the Meadow — when the Wind
Runs his fingers thro’ it —
Deity will see to it
That You never do it —

Art is beauty. One makes art and wants it to be beautiful. It is simple. Not really. Beauty is different to each person. One person will see beauty, and the other will not. Everyday, beauty changes. In fashion, it changes quickly. What is beautiful today is not beautiful tomorrow.
The only beauty that is beautiful forever is nature. One can not make it. One wants to copy it. However, nature does change, but it is the same every year: Spring – colorful flowers, Summer- green trees, Fall- colorful leaves, and Winter- white snow. Nature is beauty.


I don’t think the teacher got my rebellious message, but rather my love for Emily Dickinson and nature.
What I meant was, I understand we have different ideas of beauty, but I appreciated your view and the other students’ work. But personally, I’m a bit of an old school girl. I love old artists more then modern artist. I like the “beaux arts” not the “art plastique”. Also, I prefer to take pictures of natural situations.

Don’t misjudge the teacher. He was really nice and slow with me! And, I got wonderful grades in this class.
And that is why I liked it. I was a challenge, but I still kept the sense of me.


Spring at Last: Outside of Notre Dame d’Amiens

Published Monday, 14 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

The beginning of May started with a promise of spring, but there was a relapse of winter. The city and I had on light winter coats to stay warm in the cold, gray days. The gray days were horrible. There was always the fear of rain because of the pressing gray clouds, and the sun ran away with the moon. After 10 long gray days the sun came back and warmer weather too! I hope it stays!

Here are some pictures of the outside of Notre Dame d’Amiens in the Spring at the end of April when there was sun!

The west entrance lights up in the afternoon sunlight. It is a perfect spotlight. The center arch is the final judgement with Jesus in the middle.

I read in my little souvenir book, that the facade of the west entrance is narrow. It is true. The cathedral in Paris has huge bulky towers compared to Amiens’.

The southern entrance it my favorite view of the cathedral! The entrance has a road lined with classic European brick houses. The main entrance is interesting with all the heavy statuses and sturdy bell towers. However, the southern entrance is more simple. The window is the main focus, and it is like lace – airy.

One of my favorite things about Gothic cathedrals are the backsides or the east end. Most often the building started with the western fount, which is Romanesque. The west is heavy and bulky. However the back is the end of construction? The backsides are always very Gothic, airy, and light. Notre Dame d’Amiens is special because it has seven semi-circle areas (?). In the inside, the darkness of the back is lit up very dramatically and on the outside, the view is like small pillars of glass!

In the back there is a park. It is a nice little area to sit under the cathedral. I sat here and read a little of Harry Potter tome 3. It is a public park, so there are a lot of tourist and locals.

When you come to France make sure to see the famous monuments and support them! If you take a day trip to Amiens, give a euro to the cathedral! It is a wonderful  monument that needs to stand for many more years to come!

My Missed [USA] Things

Published Thursday, 5 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Ah! Yes! I love the adventure of France. It is very enlightening living abroad as a student. I do not have much to worry about but my classes and my trips to Paris. But, sometimes I long for home- homesickness. My home is different then the city I live. I am a Southerner from the rural hillsides of Tennessee. I do not live in a village, a fact impossible for the French to believe; I live in a house surrounded by farm land. I see deer in the back of my land, foxes on the road, wheat in the spring, and corn or soybeans in the summer. I find wild blackberries in the heat of the summer, and I crunch the frozen grass in the winter. Although, I love Paris, France, art, and shopping, I was born in the country. I am most comortable there. My soul feels freer there.
Here is a list of things I miss about the USA. Somethings are impossible, too expensive, or too different to find in France; and, somethings are personal about where/how I live.

natural peanut butter

Natural Peanut Butter:

Yes, the true American will miss Peanut Butter. I miss it. Sometimes I am walking around, and I think I peanut butter. I just want to stop and sob! I have picked a few at Lidl when they are available but the taste was not right. I cannot place what was wrong, but it was not right. Also, I have tried normal boiled peanuts in the shell. I tried these a few times, but again the nuts lacked a taste. It could be that the peanuts are not from Alabama or Georgia. Who knows? I am looking forward to “real” (natural) peanut butter.

White Seedless Grapes

White Seedless Grapes:

The French and the whole of Europe never figured out how to grow seedless crops or pitting machines. I have yet to find seedless grapes. It ruins the heavenly experience for me. I love, love grapes in the summer. I practically live off of them in the heat. I eat them raw, or frozen. Yet, the few grapes I had… just had bitter pits. I hate it. Also, I always have to go out of the way to find any pitted dried fruit. Cannot wait for seedless grapes and pitted everything!


I usually have a few bags of edamame in the freezer, in the shell, out of the shell. It is perfect of a snack or part of a meal. It is perfect dorm food too. But I have not seen any edamame in France. If I did, I have a feeling it is not the same great price as in the USA. The last dinner I have with my family, we went to Pei Wai, and I ordered Edamame for my meal. My dad thought I was crazy to just have this, but I knew deep inside that it would be a rare find in France.



I like trying out the French holidays! I think I might celebrate them when I return home. However, I remember the sad feeling around October. I would be so excited if I saw a hint of Halloween in the shop’s display windows. I was just lost without the fun crafts of Halloween: Pumpkin craving, paper cut outs, masks, costumes, candy, “Trick or Treat”, and creep but cute things. I felt like the world was celebrating but not me. Halloween is truly a funny American holiday I hope to never miss again!



Have no fear! If I missed an episode on the TV, I knew I could find it on Hulu the next day of the channel’s website. However, to use Hulu you must be on USA soil due to copyrights. I hate miss my favorite shows. It really helps with stress that I feel from time to time. I need a good laugh with Modern Family or The Middle. They are like old friends! So now, I hunt for them online. It is possible to find them online… not my favorite action, but I am American just on different soil! I want some TV!
In the same category, Netflix will not work either. I love Netflix. I love movies and TV shows. I have a large list to watch when I return! Oh my!

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby:

I miss a lot of big store in the US: Walmart (yes, even Walmart), Target, Dollar General, Jo-anns, Michel’s,  BAM, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and more. However, I miss everything about this store. I miss the painting section, the drawing section, the kid craft section, the scrapbook section, the bead section, and wood section, the yarn section, the stamp section, the paper section, the fake flower section, the fabric section, book section, and the coupon section on the website every week. Oh, yes! I have yet to find a large craft store. There are a few in Paris with nice things, but not in one huge store with great prices or sales, or coupons. I cannot wait to get back into my DIY projects, artwork, and knitting again!

Personal problems:

Hot Shower

Hot Shower:
I have a bad shower. It is just like Katy Perry’s song, “your hot and your cold!”  I could use a long hot bath about now… and a larger bathroom ( with a toilet)… and a mirror! I might find one in a modern fancy hotel but not in my dorm.

Southern Talk

Southern Politeness:

The French say there hellos and good byes as a formallity, but in the south it is our hospitality. I am use to holding doors open, making room for others, helping others, and saying all of the above in the picture. But, I have found myself in strange situations when I held the door for people. The French will tell me to go on, or just look at me strange with a “merci”. I get better response from the foreigners – like me. Also, I will move over for people on the sidewalk a lot, but often I fin the French hogging the sidewalk. Often I have to go around in the grass or street to pass them. I understand why people say the French are rude, but I think it is not the French. It is in my sight the people raised in the city. People use to a ton of people are not as polite or aware of others because they are use to fighting for a seat, the sidewalk or the supermarket lines. In the south, most are coming to the city to shop and are more often polite. I am also use to not so many people! I can go a week with seeing less then 10 people if I choose ( summer on the farm). Yet, in Amiens I am a bit stressed by all the people. I have to walk by the people, I have to look at the people, I have to stand with them in  line, I have to move around them to shop, they push me over to the other side, I sit and the people look at me, and I end up in my dorm. I might have a people problem. (On another note, I have found out what good costumer service is in France. When I am treated well, even in my broken French, I love that store from now and forever.)


Heating and Air:

All said in the above.

I will leave with a picture of my home of valleys of green forest, fields, and farmers, but no Paris.

Tennessee: My ❤

Check out my ever growing list on Pinterest!

Thanks for reading!

March into Spring

Published Wednesday, 21 March 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Yesterday was the official first day of Spring! That is very exciting!
I hope to have a post up soon about some great adventures I’ve had in Paris, but I am quite behind! Instead, I thought I would share my first day of Spring.
Yesterday was a little chilly but with a blue sky. I went to the library, the 2nd hand store, and Notre Dame d’Amiens.

Library Haul

The library in Amiens is very nice, at least to me. I have been lacking a great library where I live, so I love using it. Even though, I don’t check out many books, comics, or manga like when I first arrived in Amiens, I still love to go for the movies and CDs!
The selection of movies was not as good this time but I got a few good movies: Bright Star, HairSpray, Mes Voisins les Yamada (My Neighbors, the Yamadas– Studio Ghibli).
And for the CD’s, I got ton: Gone with the Wind, Forest Gump, True Grit, Walk the Line, West Side Story, and The Nutcracker.

In the 2nd hand store I went looking for Harry Potter. I lack only the last book to finish my collection of the Harry Potter series in French. I might have to pay full price in the end.

My Book haul!

Like always, I found something else instead of Harry Potter. I found a book in English! Innocent Traitor is a book I think I have wanted to read. It should be good. And also, I could not leave Le Cite de l’Ombre (The City of Umber) behind after I picked it up and could read it in French. My French reading skills are improving quickly! These books together came to the grand total of 3 Euros. I can afford that if I walk instead of using the bus this week – which I always do!

Nave of Notre Dame d'Amiens

The doors were wide open for the first time in a long time to welcome in the nice Spring air.

Because I was going to the library, I left my nice camera behind. But I took a few snap shots with my little camera!

Gothic Lolita: Princess d'Aujord'hui

Finally, I came back from my adventures to an another book! I ordered Gothic Lolita: Princess d’Aujord’hui illustrated by François Amoretti. This book, published in 2009, is old news for the lolitas in France, but it is new and exciting for me! I was so amazed to see a book dedicated to the fashion of lolita in a correct way! Also, François Amoretti seems quite famous in the lolita community in France! His art is whimsical in the book. I hope to make a nice review.
I learned today François Amoretti will be present at the Lolita Convention on Monday, July 9th. I hope I can meet him and have my book signed!

I hope to do more posts in the future! I am very much behind! ❤ Till then, Princesses

Finding Gold not Glitter

Published Sunday, 8 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

One day before Christmas after my friends had left, I was alone. I wondered between the masses of people in the center of the city. Suddenly, among the large crowd of people, among the festive lights, and among the shops, I felt alone. Before I studied abroad, alone had a different feeling. I was alone. It is painful to be somewhere and not be able to express to anyone correctly your feelings with your native tongue. Was it my fault? My mind did the only thing it could do, it blamed its self.
Right as I began to talk down to myself, I looked up.

A rainbow above Amiens with the the beautiful clock and Notre Dame d'Amiens

Behold a rainbow, the promise of God to not forsake men.
Stopping my negative thinking, I moved on to my blessings to be in France. The luster of “living” in France left many months ago. France is amazing but your troubles follow. I know completely my faults and strengths because I came to France -alone. So France is gold, but it doesn’t “glitter” perfect anymore.
And I wonder, I wonder…

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost. – Tolkien