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Angelic Pretty Paris Tea Party – 2012

Published Monday, 13 May 2013 by sydneysunnyray

The Vedome Column at Place Vendome

After the Lolita Convention I was whipped away on the subway to the magical land of Angelic Pretty. Angelic Pretty’s tea party was hold at the Ritz Hotel.  The Ritz sits at Place Vendome, which is home to famous expensive stores. The Ritz is not for the faint hearted. This is a 5 star hotel, famous, and Princess Diana fled to her death from here.

Hotel Ritz Paris

I was so excited to place my little pink feet inside such a famous and exclusive hotel. The Ritz is under construction at the moment till summer 2014.

The Tea Room

Lolitas in poofy petticoats were directed into a stunning room. The room glowed with chandeliers, the walls covered with romantic paintings, the carpet and ceiling full of gold swirls, and the full length windows open to a wonderful garden. Sadly, I do not remember the name of this room.

Tea, please

‘R’ for chocolate

Soon the room filled up with girls. everyone was given a number for a best dress contest. We were told to talk, take picture, and to have drinks or chocolate. Every girl was like a princess.
I felt a bit out-of-place. My style is not the over-the-top-sweet lolita style that Angelic Pretty is known for. To tell you the truth, I felt a lot out-of-place. I was very emotional this day because it was the end of my journey in France. I felt overwhelmed. I enjoy more looking back at the tea party, then when I was there. I felt horribly sad at the time, but happy!

Anyways back to the tea party!

Maki and Asuka

The hosts, Maki and Asuka, entered in all their glory! I was breathless by them. They were perfect little dolls in the newest Angelic Pretty collection. Their outfits were classical but pastel.  Their makeup was flawless too. I tried to take close up pictures of their makeup.

Me with Asuka and Maki

Not only were they pretty, they were nice. They went to every girl and talked with them, as best as they could. They also stopped for pictures when ever asked. I felt bad that they could not relax!

And Picture of Maki, me, and Asuka when I left.

I sat away to drink some tea. I watched others take pictures. I became strangely shy and nervous. I asked no one for pictures and no one asked for mine. Then Asuka came to me. She said that she like my skirt. I was flabbergasted! My skirt was very old school. (I found it cheap second-hand in France. My favorite Angelic Pretty skirt was at home in the USA! ) Asuka pointed at it and said it was old and rare. Then she said that she had the same skirt.
At once a “cheap” Angelic Pretty skirt became gold.
Also, she was happy to see my pink “BearFace” pouch!

Chocolate Rosette

As for the new collection, Angelic Pretty displayed the new Chocolate Rosette. The designers described the new collection as a bit different and English inspired.

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Birthday Cake

I found the new collection beautiful and yummy.
There was plenty of chocolate and sweets for all to eat! I will not try to explain the taste of the wonderful cakes. The pictures of food porn can honor you with delight!

Happy Birthday!

At one point, the host called out names. I was one of the few names. We all stood in a line in the front. Then a cake that was on fire came in the room, and it was for our birthdays! My birthday was about 2 weeks before the tea party, so I was completely surprised!  I was given a little gift -a pony cell phone charm. I adore it.

Winner for Best Dressed

Also, I want to present the winner of the contest- “Marijke Wilms”. She has always been nice to me! She is also starting a wonderful store- Rose Trianon.

I had a lot of fun. Many dreams came true that day!

My outfit:

Me with the Angelic Pretty Tea Party hosts.

Skirt, Pouch, Hair Clip, Charm: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop
Glitter Bow: 6% DokiDoki

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Lets Keep it Simple

Published Friday, 11 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I find myself attracted to simply dresses and skirts in lolita. Because of Lolita Wonderland‘s post, For the Love of Simplicity, I thought, I would share some of the dresses and skirts I love from the current spring/summer 2012 season.

First, Angelic Pretty is most known for the crazy sweet prints and bright crazy colors. There have been re-releases of famous and desirable that sold out in seconds and are still sold at crazy high prices. Personally, these are not my favorite dress. However, this season Angelic Pretty seems to have many softer dress that play more on the fabric and lace. They’ve been for the most part over shadowed by other things, which is normal.
I’ve chosen three dress or jumperskirts and two skirt, all of which are simple but lovely. Lets start! Clockwise:
Retro Doll is soft and light. It is simple but it is easy to dress it up with the large bow!
Mary Gingham is so old school. I love the Old School look but I am not fond of the limited colors, white, black, red, and navy. However, this Mary Gingham has a bright pink, light blue and yellow with the old school red and black.
Sugary Baby Doll is shown as the skirt and jumperskirt with a detail of the lace. I found this resent release so adorable. It is an easy wear for everyday in summer.  The cotton lace really makes it summery! Angelic Pretty often uses a tulle lace. I always love the lace details.
Vintage School is darker for then the other dresses, but I like darker colors too! The navy look is very popular this season.

Next is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, my favorite brand. Baby is more known for simpler dresses! Of course, I love this! However, they also have popular prints that overshadow most of their lovely simple things!
Again, lets start clockwise.
Dessert One Piece is my dream dress! I bought it just a month ago! The dress is very detailed and airy. The sleeves are comfortable but still has a nice poof. The bodice is made with the usual think cotton lace that I drool over every time I see it. This dress is a remake; they’ve made a similar dress for the past few years. This one dress summaries the lolita style.
Pas de Deux is actually a ballerina print that I love. But, there is a plain skirt which is just as lovely. The ruffle and lace really make this skirt a lolita skirt. It is plain, but a wonderful skirt to dress up and down.
Arietta is a casual dress that falls out of lolita into casual.  The top looks like a nice frilly blouse but the bottom is just as frilly with lace and ruffles! I love the pastel colors and the easy look this dress possesses. Sometimes, I think, lolitas try to hard.
Karami Gingham is another old school dress. To be honest, I was not attracted to this dress when I saw it on the site but once I saw it in the Paris store I thought it was lovely! It is actually very detailed and pleasing on most people!

Now, I am not against prints. I have a few prints because I have a weakness for animals. I have skirts with the prints of fawns, bears, and bunnies! How cute! And I have a dress list with a few prints. Honesty, I am just more excited about seeing a plain simple dress on sale then a printed dress. Printed dresses or skirts are usually more expensive because of the ink. I would rather have a dress or skirt for less money but more detail in the lace, construction, and ruffles. That is just me.
And you?

I hope that you enjoyed a break from my traveling posts. There are more adventures always! Till then!

A Dream Come True – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Paris’s 5th Anniversary Tea Party

Published Saturday, 3 March 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Once Baby Paris posted on their blog about the annual Anniversary Tea Party, the French lolita world exploded. Everyone was on edge the night of submitting names into the drawing. Then the wait for the winning emails slowing ended. And, my inbox lacked the winning email from Baby. I knew it was a chance, but I was still sad. It was my dream to go to a brand tea party one day. I often sit in front of my computer soaking up the wonderful pictures and video of Baby’s or Angelic Pretty’s tea parties from San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo. My computer is usually located in the hills of Tennessee, far away from big city meet ups, tea parties, and brand stores. Thus, my chance to go to a special lolita event slipped by in the night.

About a week later, while Marine and I made crepes, Megu, who works at Baby, messaged me on Facebook. She said I forgot to pick up my ticket. I was shocked. Apparently, my email inbox never recieved the winning email from Baby! Megu was a doll, and she kept my ticket safe till I could pick it up. Marine and I both were so excited that one of the crepes burned. Marine and I, both, were going to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 5th Anniversary Tea Party!

I had about two weeks to plan my special outfit. I wanted to make sure I looked nice and went the extra mile for such a special occasion. I planed many things, but some things did not happen.  Because I a studying abroad, all my special makeup, nail polish, and hair supplies are long away in the USA. So I did the best I could. I put on my makeup the best I knew how, I glued on my fake nails, I placed many bows (4-5) on my head, and I left early Sunday the 19th of February to catch the train into Paris.

Credit to FancyMelody

Once I arrived in Paris, I went straight away to Baby to buy my ticket! Clair and Megu greeted me in the store. Megu told me to sit down, and she completed my look with simple curls. Here is my outfit for the tea party:

Not on me in the Picture:
**All Baby, the Stars Shine Bright unless stated otherwise. **
My Theme was simple: Spring Sun. Thus, I donned my favorite color combination, yellow and pink!
You can check out my lookbook post.

Credit to Laura (in red): Lolitas in front of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright before the Tea Party.

Other girls arrived dressed from head to toe in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates ( the dress code). And, I was one of them! I never dreamed to be in the presences of such wonderful people in dreamy dresses, skirts, bows, and petticoats. I met Marine in the the store, and she bought a lovely umbrella. When we got to the street, people saw a group of girls dressed up in their finest. They would stop, admire, and ask questions. I was however wrapped in our joy, excitement, and vanity to care about anyone else.

In a large room beside the tea room.

The Tea Party was held at a big, fancy hotel called “Le Grand Hotel de Paris” which is beside the Opera. The outside looks like the normal central Paris buildings, but hidden inside are chandlers, glided carved decorations, and velvet curtains. I thought it looked very rich and luxurious!

Credit to Marine: Megu greeting the guests. Look how cute she is with her brown and pink outfit!

The events that were unfolded were as a dream.
First, I showed Clair my ticket to confirm my presence at the tea. As I walked to the door with Marine, Megu greeted us with her sweet smile and gave us the traditional “goodie” for the party. This “goodie” was a long key necklace. The key pendent is gorgious with a “B” for “Baby” and wings.
Next, the sweets and teas were served. I got a raspberry tart and had rooibos red tea.  All the while, I conversed the best I could with others, and met some great lolitas.

Credit to Megu: The sweets!

A long period of talking, greetings, and pictures occurred. I met many sweet French lolitas, one from Belgium, another from Switzerland, and a sweet girl from Germany. Marine and I became close to two other lolitas across from us. There is Yumi from Japan, and Stephanie from Canada! We decide to plan another adventure together! (next post)

Credit to Emilie: Emilie (from Swizerland) and I share our favorite color combeation: Yellow and Pink! She has on the Snow Dot JSK, and I, the dress.

My favorite outfits:

FancyMelody and me! I was so excited to met her! I have followed her blog for a long time! She writes about here outfit: here. I hope, I can one day be as detailed!

Credit to Kamihana Shi: Kamihana Shi's outfit was wonderful! Her hair and makeup was marvelous! Here is her detailed post on her hair: here! I think she was one of my favorites!

Credit to Emmachan: Severine was also one of my favorites. She was a pirate mermaid! She had on AatP's mermaid print and a boat with perals in her hair!

Later, the prices were drawn! Ten prizes were given, however I did not win any of the great prizes.
Then, the big Birthday cake was rolled out into the room. All lolitas grabed their cameras to capture the fabulous cake on fire! I got a piece of cake and had to get another. The cake was silk, not a sponge, silk. I also tried the mille-feuille because I am in France – Paris – Tea Party – BABY.

Credit to Megu: The cake!

Lastly, the best outfit awards were given out for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. The awards were a whole outfit! My new friend, Stephanie, won the Baby outfit award!

Credit to Megu: Baby's Winner!

Soon, I found myself barely making the 6 train back to Amiens as if it was all a dream. Was it a dream? No, the memories and my friends will reassure my dream did come true. I dreamed so much to go to such a event, and now I have. The best thing from going was not the cake, not the prizes, not the tea, not the hotel, not my outfit, but the self worth from feeling beautiful and the friends I made.
And also, I cannot help buy enjoy the feeling of beauty. To be surrounded by others who have the same love of style as you is explainable. Everyone had different styles, different hair, some very fancy over the top, some natural, some bright, some dark – and everyone beautiful. We understood each other’s styles!
It was a dream come true…. and more dreams to come…

I returned home on the train with my new necklace and the first episode of Downton Abbey (FREE on iTunes).

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