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“This is ridiculous.” “This, Madame, is Versailles.”

Published Friday, 10 August 2012 by Sydney Sunny

My last visit for a while to Versailles was shared by my good friends. A visit to Versailles shows a few new things every time. It is as though Versailles has secrets. The place is constantly being filled with different information, the massive gardens are ever changing with the seasons, across the way the Petit Trianon hides behind the garden side, and more fields and garden hides behind her. Easily one could spend a life time at Versailles.

Dark clouds loomed over Varsailles but the day grew brighter the longer we stayed.

Marine and I arrived by the wonderful RER, and Karima, by bus. We where not the early birds at the palace. The line was so terribly long at the doors to the palace. So, we decided to walk around in the gardens first and have a picnic by the lake. The garden’s main avenue is often full of people, but the said  paths are wonderful to wonder along. A new fountain or statue will always appear.

It was really, really windy.

The swirls are full of flowers.

There where modern sculptures in the garden around the palace. This one was my favorite because of the swirls which mimicked the garden’s swirls.

Credit to Marine: We stood behind a small lesser known fountain, but beautiful non-the-less!

After walking around in the garden, we headed to the lake. Karima says she often comes to the Versailles gardens to have a picnic with her friends when she is in school. Part of the green way was blocked because of a miniature firing canon boat on the lake. However, we found a nice area right beside the lake. We ate our packed lunches, talked about everything, watched the swans, and laughed about nonsense.

Credit to Karima: Our little picnic blanket was wonderful to sit for our lunch time!

I thought my friends looked so beautiful this day. Their outfit were not fancy or over the top. They were effortless. They were simply enjoying their favorite clothing during the weekend on a day out with friends.

I stole a picture of Marine when she smiled at me!

I also stole a picture of Karima smiling!

After our tummies were full, we wondered back to the palace.
I’ll give you a tip: If you are 26 and under with a visa for Europe or live in Europe, you can just stand in line at the gate. You do not need to buy/ receive a ticket. This is important because it is a long line for tickets and an other long line to enter in the gates pass security. To the buy tickets go to the left. There is a boutique too. Also, the rooms are very interesting. I found an unfinished room that reminds me of the horror that happen to the royal family.

“I’m just saying good-bye.”

The palace had a wonderful display of the history of Versailles. I wish there was a book I could have bought to read later with this exposition. There were old paintings of Versailles palace that I imagine the rich looked at to design there own chateaus. There were nice miniature displays of the different periods of Versailles. My favorite was a display of the Opera and I think, also, Marie Antoinette bedroom.

And of course, the wonderful palace is always there. I love the beginning with the long stone halls before the rich rooms. The halls are lined with kings or important men. The black and white floor is playful to the eye. And, I love large windows that cast a magical light.

Karima posing front of the large windows.

Once I enter the luxurious rooms, I forget about every thing. I am overwhelmed by the details of the walls, ceiling, furniture, paintings, frames, and colors. I love to look up at the ceilings at Greek myths and almost fall into the sky of blue and gold. The wallpaper shines with all the crystals.

Looking up to find the fleur de lys, paintings of war, justice, and hope.

Details of the luxuriousness of a Versailles room. Luxuriousness is all in the details.

I love chandeliers, and Versailles is a dreamland of chandeliers.

My favorite room is Marie Antoinette’s bedroom. It is stunning!

The mirrors in Marie Antoinette’s room has an infinity of chandeliers!

Here is another tip:
Don’t be the semi-early-bird. You need to arrive before it opens to be there with the least amount of people! However if you are running around or like to sleep in the morning, try arriving 2-3 hours before it closes or after lunch (after 14h/2pm). The line is not as long, but there will still be people but not as pressing!

” There are a lot of people at Versailles today. ” (Hall of Mirrors)

Versailles is not just a palace, but a museum. And, they don’t just have historical expositions. There is sometimes modern art incorporated in the scenes of the palace.
Personally, I could have the palace with no modern art in it ever! In it’s pure form. But, I understand the need to big the local French to the wonderful palace that is in their back yard more often.
When I went, the art was made by Jaona Vasconcelos. Her art was bold and interestingly crafted. The ideas were fresh and unseen by me.
Her statement:
“My work has developed around the idea that the world is an opera, and Versailles embodies the operatic and aesthetic ideal that inspires me.”
“Interpreting the dense mythology of Versailles, transporting it into the contemporary world, and evoking the presence of the important female figures that have lived here, while drawing on my identity and my experience as a Portuguese woman born in France, will certainly be the most fascinating challenge of my career.”  – from the Versailles Site

Joana Vasconcelos Versailles catalog

A pair of high heels made of cooking pots in the Hall of Mirrors.

A strange, turning sculpture made of plastic spoons contrast the elegant painted ceiling.

This sculpure is the same as the black. The two twins were at the ends of the Hall of Mirrors.

My favorite was marble(?)lions covered with lace. It is very strong  but “romantique” – like all women.

A small detail in Versailles is the writing on the mirrors. Some names dated 100 years ago! It is a horrible detail that hope doesn’t happen now, but somehow it is romantic. I wonder if these people are still alive or a relative has come to Versailles to see their Grand- something-or-another’s name.

The writing on the mirrors.

Afterwards we took pictures outside in the front. I love the front’s square with the black and white floor. It is a perfect place to take picture and would have been a stunning welcome to Versailles in the age of the Kings and Queens.
We had a wonderful, wonderful day together!!!

Marine, Karima, and I are in the front!

The golden gates are something to celebrate!

Finally, I want to talk about Lolitas and the entry into Versailles.
I have heard from word that sometimes lolitas not allowed into Versailles, and even read on Princess Sui‘s blog about it!
I have gone to Versailles 3 times in the past 6 months! I do not understand how I have slipped the fashion police!
The first time I had a pink blouse and pink jumpskirt! We were dressed up. And taking picture, but it was during low season.
The second time my friend and I twined in a one piece dress! We only went to the gardens but the workers loved our outfits! Also, Sui wasn’t allowed in the gardens in her lolita outfit!
And, I got by the third time in my most casual outfit!

Tips to get into Versailles*:
Don’t wear a huge bow –wear simple hair bows or put them on later
Don’t wear a big wig –  go natural or if you must wear a natural looking wig
Don’t wear sweet prints –wear a darker print or classical print
Don’t go crazy with makeup- wear natural makeup! *you are beautiful*
Don’t look like you are going to have a photo shoot – place cameras in purse
(they don’t want you clogging the halls/ rooms. And you need to pay for that, silly.)
Don’t act silly – be normal.
If you are nervous, take extra clothing. Better to see Versailles, if it is your only chance, then to have to skip it!
You will not be able to look like Marie Antoinette! It is the same idea with Disney and how you cannot look like a princess or Disney* character.
*Also, this works for Disney.

My casual lolita is something I wear daily when I go out. This is  my most casual outfit at Versailles!

My outfit:
T-shirt, Jacket, Skirt, Socks, Key Necklace, Folding Umbrella: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Purse: Juicy Couture
Bear Face Pouch: Angelic Pretty
Pink Flower Clips: H&M
Mary Jane Shoes: Clarks (*RIP*)

Print Skirt, Blouse, Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Heart Purse: Angelic Pretty

Jumpskirt, Hair bow: Alice and the Pirates
Tote Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

So, see, you can get in Versailles in Lolita!

Thank you friends, for a wonderful day!

My next posts will very exciting! Till then

Visit Totoro’s Adventures! He has many tales of Versailles and MORE!


Heart Update

Published Friday, 25 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Sorry for the recent lack of posts! I have had more adventures but I am so tired that I haven’t written about them yet!

Also, it is hard for me to find heart. I write my blog for me to remember my adventure and share my pictures. So, I hate to write too much boring stuff about my heart, but my heart is troubled by where I am. I have only a month left in France. I cannot believe it. I have grown and changed ( fatter and wiser). Believe it or not, I am not as shy as I use to be, but I am still the shy girl on the street.

My pink shoes are too much for most people in Amiens.


Here is my trouble:
A few days ago, I was showing my friend around Amiens. I group of younger kids asked us for a smoke as they yelled and laughed at us. Then the girl had the nerve to tell me that she disapproved of my outfit. She disliked my pink plaid skirt, but she thought my piink shoe would look great in a black dress. My friend and I were shocked. We walked away to the cathedral talking it over. I couldn’t believe what just happened to me. Just the other day a boy came up to me asking if I wanted to have a “coffee date”, and I was wearing the same skirt.

In Amiens I’ve never felt comfortable wearing color. I learned this very soon. But, even in my darker colors, people point me out. One of my first days in Amiens, boys called out to me, “Moche! Moche!” Which I understand, it is the word for “ugly”.

When I went to teach at a middle school, I made the mistake to wear a pink sweater. I thought nothing of it. The teacher thought I looked very young, and the students were a bit shocked by my color choice. Afterwards, I often wore my black sweater and skirts.

My only relief was in the winter. I had a huge black coat that hid all of my colors and frills. When I had to walk to the Paris train to go to a lolita event, I never worried. I always was cover with just my cute, bright pink shoes sticking out.

My favorite pink dress is spending many wonderful days in Paris but not in Amiens.

Now, it is summer and my hiding has come to an end. I once walked to the station to find a group taking pictures of me with a laugh and others asking rude questions.

So, I adapted. I never wear color in Amiens anymore. In Paris, I am comfortable. The people never mind if I am a rainbow or night sky. But Amiens is a small town with the limited view on fashion as colorless. I have see people with colors, but they are often not pink.
I end up spending my days inside, eating junk food, and my window open. See, no matter how hard I try, I am always picked out in the crowd. I’ve worn long skirts, short skirts, black, white, colors, gray, makeup,  and no makeup, and I am always pointed out. I am pointed out by watching eyes, men yelling to be my boyfriend, honking horns, or given fashion tips by strangers (that is only once).
I’m tired of  it. Worn out.
I just want to be “normal” for a day. But, this is the price I pay for being foreign. I do not look local – even if I wore all H&M or ZARA clothing. I am tall, and I am blond. I am easy to spot and easier to trick once they know I’m English.

However, the interesting side is, I’ve met a lot of nice people in Amiens. They are helpful and kind to me. These people, I imagine, are more traveled and cultured then the average Amiens local. I have not ever regretted living in France for a year. I have had my share of fun and wonderful people! Which trumps all the snobby people who gave me grief. I know people from every corner of the world, friends, dear ones.

Ah, Paris!
Paris is a different story. People are happy to see me. A family once asked if they could take a picture of me with their daughter. People smile and are happy to see me. There are friends and stores and parties. Honesty, when I return to Amiens, I am a bit sad. I walk by the cathedral to cheer me up, but it is a long walk back to where I live.

I have one more month in Amiens. I will be happy to bid the rude and dull people “a dieu”. I will be sad to leave the wonderful cathedral and roads I’ve come to know, but that is part of the leaving. I leave for the good and for the bad. Then, I will spend a few blissful days in Paris with my dear friends.
I don’t know how much I’ve changed. I have to be ready for my hard road ahead of return home in the USA.

So as you can see, I’ve go a lot on my emotion radar. I am stressed about my return, packing cleaning, people yelling at me, trains, and money. I am trying to enjoy my last bit of France even in the worries and stress.

I like to draw girls in lolita or cute outfits. I put a lot of detail in their outfits as if I was going to wear it. This is called “Sunny Doodle“.

To be busy:

So, I have some movies to watch: Gone with the WindDaVinci CodeSecret Book of Kells, and Persepolis.
Also, YouTube Channel: “Eat Your Kimchi
Also, the K-drama: Queen In Hyun’s Man
 Also, read: Elinor Jones, L’infirmerie Apres les Cours, Harry Potter, and Monet
Also, blogging here and with Totoro.
Also, drawing.

This was a wonderful day! All of my dear friends together for some deco-den in Paris. I have had so many happy, sunny days!

Most important, I have a “rendez-vous” at a lolita picnic – “Pique Nique et Tombola anniversaire des associations Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban et du Chemin de Briques Roses pour leurs 3 ans“. I am so excited to be part of a French community! I fully support Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban! I will continue to support them when I return to the USA. Because, it is with the fashion, the color, and love (that I am laughed at in Amiens) is how I made friends who have so much love.

What do you do when people do not like who you are? even if you try to be “normal” and they still continue?
Do you like to watch movies, read books, or draw to feel better?

Always Paris

Published Wednesday, 25 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

What am I going to do when I can no longer go to Paris on the weekends? I look forward to Paris during the whole week. It is a usual sight to see me walking to the train station on a Saturday morning.
One weekend I stayed in Paris for two nights at Stephanie’s apartment.  She is done with classes, and I just had one more week. So we where ready to explore!

Stephanie and I met with Yumi and walked to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. We stayed for a long time talking and looking at every detail of the store. Yumi and Stephanie wanted me to try on something. I had no objection to this proposal! I tried on Lady’s Victorian Afternoon square neck blouse in black and Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette jumper skirt in black with the matching bow. I am proud of the coordination!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette.

I have fallen in love with Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette. It is really a nice print, and the jumpskirt has lovely details! But, I didn’t buy it. Instead, I bought new socks. I have love affairs with socks.

We also went to Boddywood/Angelic Pretty. Sadly, Angelic Pretty no longer has a special room. They have made the right back corner Angelic Pretty’s home. I have to say, the slection is just not as great as Baby’s, so I never find anything to fall in love with. However, Boddywood has all sorts of other goodies! I bought a Swimmer Wallet (large for my passport) and Hello Kitty vs. Samipoo by Baby the Stars Shine Bright paper.

After stoping in another shop we were famished from shopping so much! We walked to American Breakfast. It is a cute American style dinner. Apparently, they are popular in Paris. I ordered a nice vegetarian soy burger with a green salad! YUM!

Then, Stephanie showed Yumi and me some shops in Paris! I really like a shop called Lollipops. The bags and shoes were really cute and not a million Euros! Also, the huge vintage store called, Hippie Market. It was really nice. The clothes were well washed and in nice contition! Stephanie found wonderful white boots that fit! Lucky!

Hippie Market is a MUST! I hope to go again!

Finally, we made our way to the movies to see Titanic 3D! I don’t think the 3D was worth it, but I enjoyed seeing the film on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. I really did not like the French movie theater. The bathroom had only 3 toilets, and the theater was burning up! Horrible!

We returned really late, and Stephanie and I talked almost all night! Oh la la!

The shopping of the day: Hello vs. Samipoo paper, Titanic 3D ticket with glasses, Baby the Stars Shine Bright OTK logo glitter socks, and a Swimmer wallet.

My weekend doesn’t stop there! I had such a wonderful time the next day too!
Till my next post!

My Missed [USA] Things

Published Thursday, 5 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Ah! Yes! I love the adventure of France. It is very enlightening living abroad as a student. I do not have much to worry about but my classes and my trips to Paris. But, sometimes I long for home- homesickness. My home is different then the city I live. I am a Southerner from the rural hillsides of Tennessee. I do not live in a village, a fact impossible for the French to believe; I live in a house surrounded by farm land. I see deer in the back of my land, foxes on the road, wheat in the spring, and corn or soybeans in the summer. I find wild blackberries in the heat of the summer, and I crunch the frozen grass in the winter. Although, I love Paris, France, art, and shopping, I was born in the country. I am most comortable there. My soul feels freer there.
Here is a list of things I miss about the USA. Somethings are impossible, too expensive, or too different to find in France; and, somethings are personal about where/how I live.

natural peanut butter

Natural Peanut Butter:

Yes, the true American will miss Peanut Butter. I miss it. Sometimes I am walking around, and I think I peanut butter. I just want to stop and sob! I have picked a few at Lidl when they are available but the taste was not right. I cannot place what was wrong, but it was not right. Also, I have tried normal boiled peanuts in the shell. I tried these a few times, but again the nuts lacked a taste. It could be that the peanuts are not from Alabama or Georgia. Who knows? I am looking forward to “real” (natural) peanut butter.

White Seedless Grapes

White Seedless Grapes:

The French and the whole of Europe never figured out how to grow seedless crops or pitting machines. I have yet to find seedless grapes. It ruins the heavenly experience for me. I love, love grapes in the summer. I practically live off of them in the heat. I eat them raw, or frozen. Yet, the few grapes I had… just had bitter pits. I hate it. Also, I always have to go out of the way to find any pitted dried fruit. Cannot wait for seedless grapes and pitted everything!


I usually have a few bags of edamame in the freezer, in the shell, out of the shell. It is perfect of a snack or part of a meal. It is perfect dorm food too. But I have not seen any edamame in France. If I did, I have a feeling it is not the same great price as in the USA. The last dinner I have with my family, we went to Pei Wai, and I ordered Edamame for my meal. My dad thought I was crazy to just have this, but I knew deep inside that it would be a rare find in France.



I like trying out the French holidays! I think I might celebrate them when I return home. However, I remember the sad feeling around October. I would be so excited if I saw a hint of Halloween in the shop’s display windows. I was just lost without the fun crafts of Halloween: Pumpkin craving, paper cut outs, masks, costumes, candy, “Trick or Treat”, and creep but cute things. I felt like the world was celebrating but not me. Halloween is truly a funny American holiday I hope to never miss again!



Have no fear! If I missed an episode on the TV, I knew I could find it on Hulu the next day of the channel’s website. However, to use Hulu you must be on USA soil due to copyrights. I hate miss my favorite shows. It really helps with stress that I feel from time to time. I need a good laugh with Modern Family or The Middle. They are like old friends! So now, I hunt for them online. It is possible to find them online… not my favorite action, but I am American just on different soil! I want some TV!
In the same category, Netflix will not work either. I love Netflix. I love movies and TV shows. I have a large list to watch when I return! Oh my!

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby:

I miss a lot of big store in the US: Walmart (yes, even Walmart), Target, Dollar General, Jo-anns, Michel’s,  BAM, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and more. However, I miss everything about this store. I miss the painting section, the drawing section, the kid craft section, the scrapbook section, the bead section, and wood section, the yarn section, the stamp section, the paper section, the fake flower section, the fabric section, book section, and the coupon section on the website every week. Oh, yes! I have yet to find a large craft store. There are a few in Paris with nice things, but not in one huge store with great prices or sales, or coupons. I cannot wait to get back into my DIY projects, artwork, and knitting again!

Personal problems:

Hot Shower

Hot Shower:
I have a bad shower. It is just like Katy Perry’s song, “your hot and your cold!”  I could use a long hot bath about now… and a larger bathroom ( with a toilet)… and a mirror! I might find one in a modern fancy hotel but not in my dorm.

Southern Talk

Southern Politeness:

The French say there hellos and good byes as a formallity, but in the south it is our hospitality. I am use to holding doors open, making room for others, helping others, and saying all of the above in the picture. But, I have found myself in strange situations when I held the door for people. The French will tell me to go on, or just look at me strange with a “merci”. I get better response from the foreigners – like me. Also, I will move over for people on the sidewalk a lot, but often I fin the French hogging the sidewalk. Often I have to go around in the grass or street to pass them. I understand why people say the French are rude, but I think it is not the French. It is in my sight the people raised in the city. People use to a ton of people are not as polite or aware of others because they are use to fighting for a seat, the sidewalk or the supermarket lines. In the south, most are coming to the city to shop and are more often polite. I am also use to not so many people! I can go a week with seeing less then 10 people if I choose ( summer on the farm). Yet, in Amiens I am a bit stressed by all the people. I have to walk by the people, I have to look at the people, I have to stand with them in  line, I have to move around them to shop, they push me over to the other side, I sit and the people look at me, and I end up in my dorm. I might have a people problem. (On another note, I have found out what good costumer service is in France. When I am treated well, even in my broken French, I love that store from now and forever.)


Heating and Air:

All said in the above.

I will leave with a picture of my home of valleys of green forest, fields, and farmers, but no Paris.

Tennessee: My ❤

Check out my ever growing list on Pinterest!

Thanks for reading!

My Favorite [French] Things

Published Wednesday, 4 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I have been living in France for 7 months. It has been a long time for me, for others I’m just a baby. However, I have explored the life here in France and have found somethings I really enjoy! These are things that are easy to find in France and may be over looked, but hard to find where I live in the USA.



Speculoos a Tartiner by Lotus

Speculoos by Lotus

I fell love with Speculoos cookies. It is the (almost) perfect cookie! It has warm spices- like cinnamon, which is my favorite. They are just wonderful cookies, but to make it worst the brand Lotus made a spread. It is heaven. And, the surprising element about the Speculoos is – dah dah- IT IS VEGAN. Yes, Speculoos is the easy to find junk food for vegans in France.

Salade de Carottes Râpées:

salade de carottes râpées (french carrot salad)

On one of my first adventures for food, I was looking for good, safe prepared food because I didn’t have anyway to cook. Suddenly bright orange “Salade de carottes râpées” stood out. I studied it and put it in my bag. Once I had it, I was hooked. I can eat a large box for a meal, all the time. The salad is raw carrots and a dressing of oil and mustard. My friends know I love carrots and mustard together. So, right, this is perfection – vegan, raw. I think, I will miss this the most when I leave.


Brie - Fromage

I have bought cheese after cheese in France. I have had Camembert, Blue, Green, Munster and you name it. But, nothing is better to me then Brie. I do not think it is very popular with the French. It is just a common cheese. It is my favorite cheese that cannot ever be vegan. I’m in France- forgive me!

Confiture de châtaignes à la vanille:

Confiture de châtaignes à la vanille

In the jam section I found the normal things, strawberry, blackberry, red berry, blueberry, orange, chestnut…? WHAT?! Chestnuts, the wonderful warm “nuts” they roast on the street, can be a jam? I decide to take the advice of Beauty and the Beast’s famous song and tried the gray stuff. And, it was delicious.


B-D: Elinor Jones:

Elinor Jones, Tome 1 : Le Bal d'hiver

In France they have a ton of comics or in French “Bande-Dessinée”! Tintin is a famous example. I picked up a few at the library. It was interesting to large hard back books with pictures. I felt like a little kid, but some of these comic were NOT for kids. The one that sticks out as my favorite is Elinor Jones. I loved the story, fashion, and colors. I also found out that I follow the artist online! The trilogy is unfinished.

Harry Potter:

Harry Potter Tome 1

So, Harry Potter is not, très pas, French. However, I have collected 1-6 of 7 on my shelf, and I am currently reading the 3rd! I love to read the comforting stories that I grew up on, and learn a bit of French! It is really entertaining, and educational.


The Illusionist

French movies are a hit or miss for me. Most of the time, it is a miss. I just cannot follow the plot well or the ending is dull. I have found French movies that I do love before I came to France: Les Triplettes de BellevilleLes Choristes, and Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain. They were all popular for the French lovers in my French classes. During my stay I have tried a few. I do not remember the titles of the misses, but only the hits. Hands down the L’illusionniste wins as the best! It is a moving piece of artwork with a quiet story.
Other movies I liked:  Le Chat du Rabbin and Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis

This is just a small list. My larger and ever growing list is on Pinterest.

Hope you had fun!

Mindful Movie: Ice Princess

Published Thursday, 11 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny



Ice Princess is not a cold story, but rather, the movie is a warm heartfelt story. It is more then a perfect high school drama or an encouraging, action packed sport story. Instead, Ice Princess is tale of a girl finding her dreaming and following her dream.

The movie opens up with Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) ice skating in her backyard. She is gleaming with joy, but she must study. And her life is surrounded by school. Her Physics teacher points out a much needed scholarship to Harvard. Quickly, Casey downgrades herself as not the best in her class, but her teacher and best friend, Ann, told her otherwise. She is the smartest in her class . However, being smart in high school get her no where on the social latter. Just to sum it up, Casey is a science geek.

Although Casey is a geek, she has support from her mom, Joan Carlyle (Joan Cusack). Her mom supports her daughters bookworm life. Ms. Carlyle has a strong belief that woman should be smart, self-supporting, and not shown off like meat for men. Her mother quickly knew her daughter had the potential to go to both of their dream college.

In order to win this scholarship to the college of her dream, Casey goes over the top on the project. She soon realizes that skating has “physic equations”. Thus, she begins going to the towns ice ring to video tape the three competing skaters Gen Harwood (Hayden Panettiere), Tiffany Lai, and Nikki Fletcher (the “Jumping Shrimp”). These girls are the “popular girls” at school, but Casey keeps working on her project. But, her project need something more. So, she starts working, and she takes the little kids’ summer lesson on ice skating with Tina Harwood, Gen’s cold mother. During Casey’s lessons she falls in love with three things: ice skating and Teddy Harwood (Trevor Blumas).

Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg)


Soon Casey finds out that she prefers performing on the ice rather then discussing science. Also, she learns that even the popular girls envy her free time as a geek.

So, Casey then begins the hard road of following her dream. First, Tina Harwood gets in the way, and finally in the end, Casey’s mom puts an end to her support. However, Casey follows her dream on the ice.

“What’s wrong with wanting to feel strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?”
Everyone’s dream should make them feel strong, graceful, and beautiful -like a princess.

Kamikaze Girls: A Rococo Lady’s Schedule

Published Monday, 8 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny

“An ordinary day for a Rococo lady went according to the following schedule:

“Generally, you wake up around 11 o’clock in the morning. The little puppy you keep in your room starts barking, so you languidly scoop him up onto the bed and, rubbing your eyes, play with him for a while. When you get tired of that, you finally get out of bed, crack open the drapes to see what the weather is like, and let them fall close again. Then you ring for your maidservant. As you sit there sipping the tea she brings you, still in half a daze, another maidservant appears.


Now that you have 2 maids there, it’s time to get dressed. First, they slip off your negligee and put you in a dressing gown -you do absolutely nothing yourself -and when they’ve done that, even though you aren’t ill or anything, they each take one of your shoulders and slowly drag you to the makeup chamber. Then, they leisurely start making up your face, and when they’re finally done with that, you move on to your dressing room and choose what you’re going to wear. Then, it’s time for a meal.

After that, all you do until the sun sets is go on walks, play card games (which sounds very ladylike, but we’re talking about gambling, folks, gambling!), rid horses, go boating, and so on.

At night, you attend concerts and plays, or amuse yourself with dancing. Of course, you take a meal at some point, spending a lot of time at the table, greedily feasting on large helpings of all kinds of things.
Deeper into the night, you do the nasty. For people of the Rococo era, doing the nasty was not shameful, but more like a game, or even a kind of sport. And then it was time to go to sleep.

Certainly one could call this a decadent, lazy lifestyle -but would you not agree that this is also a truly aesthetic way of life?

-Novala Takemoto

When I read this passage, the movie Marie Antoinette flashed before my mind.