Deco-den at Baby Paris

Published Saturday, 19 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

So far this is my 4th lesson from Megu in Decoden. I first made little whip cream rings, but now I am off to what I dream of doing. I want to put gems all over everything! Megu’s last lesson was a free for all. You just brought in something you wanted to deco. I choose my camera’s lens cover to cover with gems!

So, on a Sunday I went to Paris and went to a museum to wait till the fun began! I had tea at Starbucks and waited for my friends. We had a nice time talked before walking to Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Baby full of petticoats and lolitas

Megu works hard to put together these events for anyone who whats to start in decoden. She sets up tables in the shop and has to clean afterwards. Megu served me first because I just bought the little gems.
It was really hard to move around because of the petticoats and tables! I stood around, took pictures, and talked with others.

Megu serving crafting lolitas

As everyone was busy, i took the time to look around my favorite shop! There are so many wonderful things! I love to place my hands on the dresses and skirts. I like to look at the waves of bows and ribbons. The rainbow of lace and socks forever call my name. It is a wonderland.


I am in love with the Bunny-Bear Bags! I have everyone of them but the huge one! I love him so much! (I found one on eBay but the person has never emailed me back. If someone in France wants to help me contact this seller please help me!)
I looked bad that day because I walked in the rain to get to the train station in the morning.

Hug the Bunny! Photo by Ling

So enough playing around in the store! I had work to do! And, I worked hard; but, I was the only one not to finish! It was tedious but relaxing. I was able to forget everything and think of my sparkles. I loved it! I stayed behind as the others left to stay with Megu. We talked for a long time before I had to go to the train station.

My supplies and Totoro are waiting!

My unfinished camera lens

Megu invited me to stay with her the next week. I was able to finish my decoden! Plus, she threw a little sushi party! Till the next post!

My finished decoden project! It needs to be cleaned…. I can’t wait to do more!


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