Published Thursday, 10 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

After the rain came  the afternoon sun. Marine took Yumi and me on a walk to the near by beach. The walk was so nice after eating lunch. We walked to a little harbor for boats, and we continued across a bridge to the beach.

In the harbor, where the light changed in every wind blow.

The sun  was dancing in the water because of the wind. And once on the beach, the movement of the waves, light, and wind became a dance. I remember mostly the movement- our dresses blowing in the wind, running away from the waves, climbing on the rocks, walking in the sand.

The crashing waves behind us never got us.

I have somehow lost my pictures on my computer of the day. I hope, they are just out of sight, not lost. But, I have Marine’s pictures. Her camera takes multiple pictures and seems to catch every movement. I made these gif. of movement from the time on the beach.

Marine didn’t make the picture on time.

Marine made the picture in time.

It is hard for me to imagine that just behind me -respectably- is my home. My home far, far away from there on that beach. How can the world feel so small and large at the same time? Now, this, this is a different kind of movement- a movement of awe and wonder.

So small and large.


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