Just Another French Meal

Published Sunday, 6 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

After spending time with both my French family and French friends, I learned how the French people eat. And when they eat, they eat good from my observation and participation.

I am still up for a surprise every time I sit down at a French meal, but I have an excuse. I am from America.

**Before I start, these are my observation, don’t take them by heart. Each situation, family, and food is different. I am vegetarian, and it was really simple, I think, for the cook to work around me. I have not looked up information before writing this. It is purely my observation. If things are wrong, they are not wrong for me.**

I’m eating with Marine’s family in Dives, France.

The plates are placed on the table. The plate in the center. The knife and fork on the sides ( I forgot which sides for now). A smaller spoon is placed above the plate. The spoon is for the desserts. I found myself using my fork instead out of habit. Opps! Finally, a glass for a drink is place right above the plate where is the spoon is placed. The glass is not the right or left, as it is normally done in my household, but right in the center.

First Course: I am having  “salade de carotte rapee” and a beet salad. I think, it is my favorite course!

First Course:
The start is salads. There could be salads made of green lettuce or salads like “Salade de Carotte Rapee“. Also, there is sometimes raw vegetables with the salads.

*After you have finish your full of the salads, bread is usually taken. You can take bread anytime but usually afterwards it is eaten. *

Second Course: hot, main dishes

Second Course: Marine and Yumi’s hot dish of mussels and cream.

Second Course:
This is the main dish. There is usually one or two. One is usually meat and the other a side dish- for example rice, potatoes, or cooked vegetables. But what ever it is, it is hot or cooked. If meat was the only hot dish, there is always more from the first course.

*Again bread is eaten with the course and/or after*

Third Course: Cheese

Third Course:
Here is the very, very French course, cheese. A plate of different cheeses to chose from comes out. The cheese is taken with bread. Personally, I often took two because I want to try different kinds. However, often one is just chosen to taste.

*Bread is eaten with the cheese, and this is normally the end of the bread.*

Fourth Course: Dessert

Fourth Course:
This is sweetest course. It is dessert time! When Yumi and I were visiting, they made sure to buy pastries. I always ate too much because I’ve never seen such cute and wonderful tasting desserts! But for more casual days, there is raw fruit, pudding, mouse, or yogurt. They just went all fancy because of Yumi and me!

Fifth Course:
This is the time to digest all of that yummy French cooking, bread, and sweets. Coffee and tea is made.

Sounds like a yummy meal, right? I’ve never had meals like this- unless I was on a cruise!

I want to thank my family and friends for letting me take such lovely meals with them! I have not way of repaying you all such a wonderful gifts and experiences you have given me. I have learned more with you then in classrooms.


**Also, all pictures are from Marine. I was too busy eating and drinking to take pictures! Thanks, Marine!**


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