Cathédrale Notre-Dame-d’Évreux

Published Thursday, 3 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-d’Évreux: viewed up from the river

As every city, town, or village in France Evreux has a Cathedral. Its name: Cathédrale Notre-Dame-d’Évreux. The cathedral has a nice presents in Evreux.  The cathedral rests beside the river that flows though the city. There is not a big plaza in front, which is different.

The very bulky western façade .

There are many different styles in this cathedral. When I first set eyes on it, I knew the west façade was out of place. It was built in the 11th century, and thus, it is Romanesque- bulky. But the rest of the cathedral dates in the Gothic period.

A view of the north windows, and  spire

I was also curious about the spire. The spire is very decorated and fancy. It was the last to be added in the 15th century – near the end of the Gothic style. The later and later in the Gothic era, the details be come finer- High Gothic. I think it become more and more lace like.

Looking at the cathedral though the window of the Bishop’s Palace (now the museum) . 

Let take a break for Lolita:

My favorite picture! Lolita and Gothic: Marine, Me, and Yumi

This is my favorite dress – my dream dress! It is Baby, the Stars  Shine Bright’s Dessert One Piece Dress in Pink from 2007 ( I think the date is right). I am in love with the above picture! We took pictures in the courtyard between the museum and the cathedral.

Let move inside:
Inside I found it beautiful. It was a few different surprises. The nave, to me, seemed narrow. Also, the organ, which was playing at the time, was modern. When it is being played the doors are open, but when empty the organ’s doors are closed.

the nave and the open organ, looking west

Another surpise was under the spire!  The spire is open! There are a lot of spires in the center of cathedrals but not open. The open spire is a cleaver way to let in more light!

Inside under the spire with the view of the windows

Under the spire

My day didn’t end here! We took a trip to a very special place after lunch!  Till then!


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