Bienvenue a Évreux

Published Wednesday, 2 May 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Hote de Ville d'Evreux // // Evreux's Town Hall

Marine and her mother showed Yumi and me around Evreux. It is a wonderful town. I think, Evreux is full of flowers, little streets, bakeries, streams, trees, green areas, and books stores. Also, a large cathedral. Thus, I love Evreux. Evreux seems like a small town but large at the same time! I have trouble estimating the size of cities in Europe. I am use to measuring with how many Walmarts and Malls. Thus, I find difficulty- none exist in France.

Lolita's spotted walking down the stairs of Town Hall.

at the library

In the morning we went to the Saturday market. The vendors had colorful fruit, creamy cheese, crisp veggies, and smelly fish. French people were lined up at each stand asking for fruit, cheese, or meat. There is not many markets in town were I live, even in the south. I think, the French are very lucky to have this chose between store and farmer.

The open market's fruit

Red red radishes!

We also went to a bakery. I love how the French will go out to buy fresh bread everyday. I am not use to such a wonderful treat! Well, Mme Patricia bought us each 4 little petit fours! We ate them for dessert at lunch! Yummy!

Strawberry Cake in the Bakery

My sweet little cakes

But before we had lunch, we went to the cathedral, Notre-Dame-d’Evreux, and the city’s museum.  The cathedral is my next post! TILL THEN!


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