With Sugar on Top, Paris

Published Saturday, 28 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

The next day was sweeter then the next. I seem to crave food in Paris from all the walking around. In the morning Stephanie and I went to Starbucks right across the road and had tea and Matcha cake for breakfast. Dessert for breakfast!

We walked around for a long time. Stephanie took me off the main drag that I normally stay on to not get lost! We were soon in the Oprea area. We ending up in Junko, a Japanese bookstore. It was a bit pricey but I bought the Gothic and Lolita Bible v.43! I got it to remember all the releases by Baby while I was in Paris and for the wonderful patterns! We stayed a long time because the cute, cute things in the store!

Ladurée = sweets

Me in front of the shop's display for Hello Kitty!

Soon with hungry stomachs we came to the grand, sweet, and well known Ladurée! We had a lovely tea. I had a fresh tea , Cherie, and Stephanie had a spicy tea, Othello. We choose 4 macrons. We choose the seasonal ones, which are not normal in other shops. But, I got the Pistachio for my mom.  Also, Stephanie picked out her favorite pastry to split with me! I have no idea what the name of it was, but it was rose favored.

4 macrons: Top: Cherry // Middle (left to right): Banana- Chocolat, Salty Caramel // Bottom:


Rose flavored pastry! I think, I ate the rose petals!

Stephanie with all the sweets! Look at that smile!

We had to leave after walking around the streets of Paris again. We both had sugar crashes, and mixed with the lack of sleep can be devastating!

Eiffel Tower/ Tour Eiffel

Thank you Stephanie! We must do it again before you leave!

Much Love till the next post!

PS: Finally found the online equal to instagram: pixlr


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