The Paris Jungle

Published Thursday, 26 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

The next day, Stephanie and I headed out to find my family! My family came for a day in Paris for the vacation. Agathe just came back from Tokyo, too! I was so happy to see them again. It was like Christmas again!

Vegan Folie's

We went to Vegan Folie’s. It is a rare little vegan cupcake place! The cups looked so cute and well made! Some where bight colored, others rich and dark, and others sparkled! The cupcakes had funny names: Choc Norris, Johnny Nutsville, John Lemon, and Austin Flower, to name a few. The cupcakes were not just sweet but there is also savory too! Plus, scrumptious looking brownies and cheesecakes.

Agathe with all the yummy vegan cupcakes!

Agathe bought 10 cupcakes! After a Japanese buffet lunch, I choose Choc Norris. It was chocolate with vegan “Nutella”.  Whoa, it was amazing! Also, I had a few fingers of Austin Flower’s purple lavender icing.

Cupcakes ready to be eaten!

My vegan cupcake, Choc Norris - no regret.

Afterwards, Agathe, Stephanie, and I explored the jungle in Paris. Do you not know about the jungle of Paris?
Well it is called Le Jardin des Plantes. We went deep into the jungle greenhouse, full of plants from all around the world.

Paris's jungle.

Center view.


"holy" leaves

My family said goodbye in the Metro. Stephanie then took me to Concord to shop at a British book store and have tea at Mariage Freres at the Louvre. And again, we stayed up very late! haha!

Till next time! One more day in Paris with Stephanie!


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