Always Paris

Published Wednesday, 25 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

What am I going to do when I can no longer go to Paris on the weekends? I look forward to Paris during the whole week. It is a usual sight to see me walking to the train station on a Saturday morning.
One weekend I stayed in Paris for two nights at Stephanie’s apartment.  She is done with classes, and I just had one more week. So we where ready to explore!

Stephanie and I met with Yumi and walked to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. We stayed for a long time talking and looking at every detail of the store. Yumi and Stephanie wanted me to try on something. I had no objection to this proposal! I tried on Lady’s Victorian Afternoon square neck blouse in black and Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette jumper skirt in black with the matching bow. I am proud of the coordination!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette.

I have fallen in love with Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette. It is really a nice print, and the jumpskirt has lovely details! But, I didn’t buy it. Instead, I bought new socks. I have love affairs with socks.

We also went to Boddywood/Angelic Pretty. Sadly, Angelic Pretty no longer has a special room. They have made the right back corner Angelic Pretty’s home. I have to say, the slection is just not as great as Baby’s, so I never find anything to fall in love with. However, Boddywood has all sorts of other goodies! I bought a Swimmer Wallet (large for my passport) and Hello Kitty vs. Samipoo by Baby the Stars Shine Bright paper.

After stoping in another shop we were famished from shopping so much! We walked to American Breakfast. It is a cute American style dinner. Apparently, they are popular in Paris. I ordered a nice vegetarian soy burger with a green salad! YUM!

Then, Stephanie showed Yumi and me some shops in Paris! I really like a shop called Lollipops. The bags and shoes were really cute and not a million Euros! Also, the huge vintage store called, Hippie Market. It was really nice. The clothes were well washed and in nice contition! Stephanie found wonderful white boots that fit! Lucky!

Hippie Market is a MUST! I hope to go again!

Finally, we made our way to the movies to see Titanic 3D! I don’t think the 3D was worth it, but I enjoyed seeing the film on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. I really did not like the French movie theater. The bathroom had only 3 toilets, and the theater was burning up! Horrible!

We returned really late, and Stephanie and I talked almost all night! Oh la la!

The shopping of the day: Hello vs. Samipoo paper, Titanic 3D ticket with glasses, Baby the Stars Shine Bright OTK logo glitter socks, and a Swimmer wallet.

My weekend doesn’t stop there! I had such a wonderful time the next day too!
Till my next post!


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