Tim Burton in Paris

Published Saturday, 7 April 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I went to Paris on one of the first spring days in France. Met with Tim and had a few bubble teas together.

Around Paris there are signed of the exposition on the ground.

Instead, I met with some of my good friends- dressed up- to see the Tim Burton Exposition in Paris! It is an exposition that has been around all of North America’s big cities and now it has made its way to Europe with its first stop in Paris! Lucky me!

No Pictures allowed inside: from latimesblog.com

I was glad to go into this crazy world by the genius Tim Burton. I have to say he is a creepy mind, and I am often scared by some of his dark things, but nevertheless he is a genius of our times.
I always love look at artist’s sketches.  It is like reading a diary of their personal ideas. Along with the funny, creepy, silly, wild, and crazy sketches, the exposition had movie conceptions, ideas, dolls, and props. I enjoyed these too. Again, seeing the raw materials outside of the screen makes the movies seem like history. Even in the middle of the crazy world and mind of Tim Burton, I learned about how Tim grew up, his schooling, and his career.
It was a wonderful visit! It wish I had more energy to stay longer and fight the people! but we had more things to do that day!

We are modeling our cute outfits in front of the Tim Burton sign.( Credit to Marine)

Next we went to Baby the Stars Shine Bright! I was very good and didn’t spend a dime! I did, however, fall deeply in love with a jumpskirt, called Florence Rose, and a blouse with long sleeves.

The Perfect Florence Rose jumper skirt (credit to Megu)

Marine bought a new jumerskirt! It is so pretty with a lot of detail! I have seen it in the store and never really looked at it. But, on Marine it fits like a glove! It is so pretty!

Here is everyone!! Megu, Me, Ling, Claire, and Marine in her new dress!

And the day would not be complete if we didn’t celebrate with a visit to Princess Crepe for a sweet crepe!

We are at Princess Crepe, and I am the last one to finish!

For that night, I stayed at Marine’s boyfriend’s house. It was fun to have dinner with Marine, Nicolas, and Nicolas’s father and watch the French Voice. I really liked stepping into a French home and peeking into how they live. They were very nice to let me stay!

The next morning, we woke up to go to Chinatown! Till next time!!


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