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Fancy Princesses at the Palace of Versailles

Published Tuesday, 27 March 2012 by Sydney Sunny

As I mentioned in my last post about the Tea Party, I made some friends, and we planed an adventure! Our adventure planned over sweets and tea caught us all in the moment of high excitement. We planned to go to Versailles. This was not to be a “normal” plain old trip to see a palace. No! Instead, we wanted to be the princesses of this palace. Thus, our plan to go to Versailles in frills and lace was set.

Versailles' glory

I left Amiens very early to get to Paris at 8. The trains have been recently arriving 10 – 20 minutes late, and I wanted to be sure to be on time. I was a bit nervous to go to Versailles alone, but it was really easy. My tips for going to Versailles is to buy you tickets at the Metro you plan to leave and return. I bought my tickets at Gare de Nord. This one ticket was my Metro ticket to St. Michel, and the RER line C to Versailles. I believe most tourist believe the RER tickets are bought at the RER stations, but this it false. Because I bought my ticket at Gare de Nord and used the metro, I think I saved a bit of money then if I took the Metro and bought my RER ticket.
I might try to do a post on the public transportation system in Paris. It is really good. But for now, I will just leave a link : here : for the Paris public transportation system. It helps for making plans. For example, it can aswer the question, “How long can I stay with my friends and still make my train?”.

I met Marine in the RER platform. She had been on vacation for a week, and she had been busy sewing and crafting! She made her bag (we found one made of the same material on sale at Versailles!), customized a cut-sew with lace, and made lace cuffs. I asked her if she could make lace cuffs for me, and she did! She did an excellent job! They are made of a embroidered flower ribbon, edged ironically with pick Rococo ruffles, bottomed with large white and pink Swiss dot lace, and finally topped of with pink bows. I love them very much! The things she gives me are so special to me!

Lolitas getting on the RER

Later Stephanie and Yumi met us on the platform, and we took the train to Versailles! Versailles is outside of Paris, but Paris has swallowed the surrounding countryside that once separated the palace. It is hard to imagine a world of royals living in Versailles Palace. Women in high wigs and outlandish wide dresses, but I guess, they never imagined tourist to come to their bedroom by the thousands- daily!

Princesses in front of Versailles.

Anyways, we had a great time. I heard later that some lolitas in the past were refused to be let into the palace. However, we had no problems. We did not have on wigs or crazy high shoes, but we where in lolita and did stand out. A lot of people wanted their picture with us because we looked like we belonged! Inside the palace is a world of rich velvet, gold, crystals, paintings, and windows. It is a true wonderland. I cannot describe the wonderful  rooms very well. Also, my friends seemed to glow -as if we had the blood of Marie Antoinette in our blood! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
My personal favorites are the Hall of Mirrors and Queen Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom.

Stephanie's tights and checkered floor.

Stephanie's Hall: Her Dress (BtSSB) matched perfectly. Also I am very proud of this picture.

The Chapel.

Marine's wonderful smile by the light of the huge golden windows.

Marine's room: It is one of the many red and gold rooms. This only had white, so I thought it matched her white ribbons.

The Hall of Mirrors' gold statues holding crystals and candles standing by the windows.

Me in the Hall of Mirrors!

My room: The Queen's Bedroom's floral designs is very dreamy and romantic. I am in love with it. I had on a pink jumperskirt and with hint of flowers.

Yumi's Statue: Yumi with her matching chocolate man.

After the wonderful trip inside the beast’s belly, the gardens awaited us. The gardens around the Palace is huge. I never knew just how huge the garden were. The famous fountains are just around back but beyond there is a maze of hedges hiding more fountains split by a cross shaped narrow lake.

A small hidden fountain we found.

We decided to  walk to Marie Antoinette’s secret getaway- as if we were asked to tea. We visited her stunning Petit Trianon and Le Ferm. I found the Petit Trianon as a mini fashionable Versailles. It seemed more feminine then Versailles. And the Farm was not as pretty as I hoped, because it was a gray day in February.

A room for the ladies to sit.

Yumi is with the god of love.

A gray passage way at the farm.

Yumi and Marine resting at the Farm.

At the end of the visit we walked back to the RER with our sore feet with dreams of high hair in our heads. I hope to return for a better viewing of the gardens.

My full outfit: Blouse, JSK, Underskirt, Bunny Bag, Hair clip, Umbrella(Marine's)- BtSSB // Flora tights, Fawn collar- H&M // Pink socks- Bodyline // Shoes- Secret Shop // Bow(Me), Wristcuffs(Marine)- Handmade

I have many more adventures to post! So thank you for reading and looking at the wall of pictures!

Marine’s post of our day is here.


March into Spring

Published Wednesday, 21 March 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Yesterday was the official first day of Spring! That is very exciting!
I hope to have a post up soon about some great adventures I’ve had in Paris, but I am quite behind! Instead, I thought I would share my first day of Spring.
Yesterday was a little chilly but with a blue sky. I went to the library, the 2nd hand store, and Notre Dame d’Amiens.

Library Haul

The library in Amiens is very nice, at least to me. I have been lacking a great library where I live, so I love using it. Even though, I don’t check out many books, comics, or manga like when I first arrived in Amiens, I still love to go for the movies and CDs!
The selection of movies was not as good this time but I got a few good movies: Bright Star, HairSpray, Mes Voisins les Yamada (My Neighbors, the Yamadas– Studio Ghibli).
And for the CD’s, I got ton: Gone with the Wind, Forest Gump, True Grit, Walk the Line, West Side Story, and The Nutcracker.

In the 2nd hand store I went looking for Harry Potter. I lack only the last book to finish my collection of the Harry Potter series in French. I might have to pay full price in the end.

My Book haul!

Like always, I found something else instead of Harry Potter. I found a book in English! Innocent Traitor is a book I think I have wanted to read. It should be good. And also, I could not leave Le Cite de l’Ombre (The City of Umber) behind after I picked it up and could read it in French. My French reading skills are improving quickly! These books together came to the grand total of 3 Euros. I can afford that if I walk instead of using the bus this week – which I always do!

Nave of Notre Dame d'Amiens

The doors were wide open for the first time in a long time to welcome in the nice Spring air.

Because I was going to the library, I left my nice camera behind. But I took a few snap shots with my little camera!

Gothic Lolita: Princess d'Aujord'hui

Finally, I came back from my adventures to an another book! I ordered Gothic Lolita: Princess d’Aujord’hui illustrated by François Amoretti. This book, published in 2009, is old news for the lolitas in France, but it is new and exciting for me! I was so amazed to see a book dedicated to the fashion of lolita in a correct way! Also, François Amoretti seems quite famous in the lolita community in France! His art is whimsical in the book. I hope to make a nice review.
I learned today François Amoretti will be present at the Lolita Convention on Monday, July 9th. I hope I can meet him and have my book signed!

I hope to do more posts in the future! I am very much behind! ❤ Till then, Princesses

A Dream Come True – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Paris’s 5th Anniversary Tea Party

Published Saturday, 3 March 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Once Baby Paris posted on their blog about the annual Anniversary Tea Party, the French lolita world exploded. Everyone was on edge the night of submitting names into the drawing. Then the wait for the winning emails slowing ended. And, my inbox lacked the winning email from Baby. I knew it was a chance, but I was still sad. It was my dream to go to a brand tea party one day. I often sit in front of my computer soaking up the wonderful pictures and video of Baby’s or Angelic Pretty’s tea parties from San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo. My computer is usually located in the hills of Tennessee, far away from big city meet ups, tea parties, and brand stores. Thus, my chance to go to a special lolita event slipped by in the night.

About a week later, while Marine and I made crepes, Megu, who works at Baby, messaged me on Facebook. She said I forgot to pick up my ticket. I was shocked. Apparently, my email inbox never recieved the winning email from Baby! Megu was a doll, and she kept my ticket safe till I could pick it up. Marine and I both were so excited that one of the crepes burned. Marine and I, both, were going to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 5th Anniversary Tea Party!

I had about two weeks to plan my special outfit. I wanted to make sure I looked nice and went the extra mile for such a special occasion. I planed many things, but some things did not happen.  Because I a studying abroad, all my special makeup, nail polish, and hair supplies are long away in the USA. So I did the best I could. I put on my makeup the best I knew how, I glued on my fake nails, I placed many bows (4-5) on my head, and I left early Sunday the 19th of February to catch the train into Paris.

Credit to FancyMelody

Once I arrived in Paris, I went straight away to Baby to buy my ticket! Clair and Megu greeted me in the store. Megu told me to sit down, and she completed my look with simple curls. Here is my outfit for the tea party:

Not on me in the Picture:
**All Baby, the Stars Shine Bright unless stated otherwise. **
My Theme was simple: Spring Sun. Thus, I donned my favorite color combination, yellow and pink!
You can check out my lookbook post.

Credit to Laura (in red): Lolitas in front of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright before the Tea Party.

Other girls arrived dressed from head to toe in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates ( the dress code). And, I was one of them! I never dreamed to be in the presences of such wonderful people in dreamy dresses, skirts, bows, and petticoats. I met Marine in the the store, and she bought a lovely umbrella. When we got to the street, people saw a group of girls dressed up in their finest. They would stop, admire, and ask questions. I was however wrapped in our joy, excitement, and vanity to care about anyone else.

In a large room beside the tea room.

The Tea Party was held at a big, fancy hotel called “Le Grand Hotel de Paris” which is beside the Opera. The outside looks like the normal central Paris buildings, but hidden inside are chandlers, glided carved decorations, and velvet curtains. I thought it looked very rich and luxurious!

Credit to Marine: Megu greeting the guests. Look how cute she is with her brown and pink outfit!

The events that were unfolded were as a dream.
First, I showed Clair my ticket to confirm my presence at the tea. As I walked to the door with Marine, Megu greeted us with her sweet smile and gave us the traditional “goodie” for the party. This “goodie” was a long key necklace. The key pendent is gorgious with a “B” for “Baby” and wings.
Next, the sweets and teas were served. I got a raspberry tart and had rooibos red tea.  All the while, I conversed the best I could with others, and met some great lolitas.

Credit to Megu: The sweets!

A long period of talking, greetings, and pictures occurred. I met many sweet French lolitas, one from Belgium, another from Switzerland, and a sweet girl from Germany. Marine and I became close to two other lolitas across from us. There is Yumi from Japan, and Stephanie from Canada! We decide to plan another adventure together! (next post)

Credit to Emilie: Emilie (from Swizerland) and I share our favorite color combeation: Yellow and Pink! She has on the Snow Dot JSK, and I, the dress.

My favorite outfits:

FancyMelody and me! I was so excited to met her! I have followed her blog for a long time! She writes about here outfit: here. I hope, I can one day be as detailed!

Credit to Kamihana Shi: Kamihana Shi's outfit was wonderful! Her hair and makeup was marvelous! Here is her detailed post on her hair: here! I think she was one of my favorites!

Credit to Emmachan: Severine was also one of my favorites. She was a pirate mermaid! She had on AatP's mermaid print and a boat with perals in her hair!

Later, the prices were drawn! Ten prizes were given, however I did not win any of the great prizes.
Then, the big Birthday cake was rolled out into the room. All lolitas grabed their cameras to capture the fabulous cake on fire! I got a piece of cake and had to get another. The cake was silk, not a sponge, silk. I also tried the mille-feuille because I am in France – Paris – Tea Party – BABY.

Credit to Megu: The cake!

Lastly, the best outfit awards were given out for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. The awards were a whole outfit! My new friend, Stephanie, won the Baby outfit award!

Credit to Megu: Baby's Winner!

Soon, I found myself barely making the 6 train back to Amiens as if it was all a dream. Was it a dream? No, the memories and my friends will reassure my dream did come true. I dreamed so much to go to such a event, and now I have. The best thing from going was not the cake, not the prizes, not the tea, not the hotel, not my outfit, but the self worth from feeling beautiful and the friends I made.
And also, I cannot help buy enjoy the feeling of beauty. To be surrounded by others who have the same love of style as you is explainable. Everyone had different styles, different hair, some very fancy over the top, some natural, some bright, some dark – and everyone beautiful. We understood each other’s styles!
It was a dream come true…. and more dreams to come…

I returned home on the train with my new necklace and the first episode of Downton Abbey (FREE on iTunes).

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