Week-end Japon at the Hippodrome de Vincennes

Published Friday, 24 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I am finding myself in Paris more and more. I have gone to Paris so many times lately! But, I think it is great to be close by Paris, otherwise I would be quite bored! It is about 20-25 Euros each trip, but I will never be this close to Paris again!

On the 11-12 of February at the Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris, “Week-end Japon” took place! The Hippodrome de Vincennes is a racecourse. Where I live in the USA, to say a racecourse to a red-neck, it means a racecourse for cars. But, this is Paris , France of course the racecourses are for horses! I’ve never been to a horse racing event!

Gateway into Chateau de Vincennes

So, I took the metro, line 2, to the very, very end- Chateau de Vincennes. Here, I met my friend Marine, her boyfriend Nicolas, his friend Yacine, and Nicolas’s brother, Alexandre. Marine and I were of course dressed in lolita, because the event had a large section for lolita/ japan fashion!

Marine and I in front of the chapel. Credit to Marine

Because we had plenty of time till the event opened, we explored. It was bitter cold, but I enjoyed seeing a completely different side of Paris. Instead of buildings, shops, the Seine, Cathedrals, dirty streets, the poor, and  hoards of tourist, I saw a castle, the countryside, a tiny bit of Japan, and some fast horses!

The sun coming through the windows of the chapel.

I do not know much about the Chateau de Vincennes, but I think it is lovely. It is not what most people imagine when they go to  Paris, yet it is a nice fresh air! It is just like a real castle! There is a moat and a bridge, a cobble stone courtyard, and a chapel! It is in great shape, as if it has never seen a war.

Us with "PARIS" in the Parc Floral de Paris

Behind the chateau there is a park called Parc Floral de Paris. The word were in large white letters (like the famous ones in Amsterdam). I loved see the word Paris in bold white letters!

Our walk beside the forest.

After walking along what seemed like a little path in a forest, we arrived at the Hippodrome de Vincennes. There was a nice park around the hippodrome and a little frozen pond. After eating lunch, the boys were being boys and tried to break the ice. They decided it was strong enough to stand on! Marine convinced me to come on the ice for a picture! At one point we thought we heard a “CRACK!”, and we ran off!

The park around the hippodrome where we ate.

Marine and I on the ice. Credit to Marine

The ice in the sun shined pure white.

By now the hippodrome was open and the horses running! The horses ran around and around. There were about 4 races. It was interesting to watch the horses run, but almost more interesting to watch the people scream at the finishing line! The French screamed and cheered, out of happiness or frustration! I didn’t bet on any horses, but Marine and Yacine did. They won one or two races! I was more interested in the horses names. One of the horses was named Nashville Dancer!

Number 18 trotting to warm up before the races.

Inside where it was warm, Week-end Japan was in full motion! I love watching lolitas appear in the fashion area! I saw the wonderful French famous lolitas!

Princess Pudding holding my Totoro. Ling asked her for me because I was too shy.

There was the Fan-magazine for lolitas, “L’Empire des Dentelles”, with Rouge Detelle et Rose Ruban.
Also, I saw the fabulous sweets of Fairy Chantilly of Fleur en Surce! So sweet!
And best of all, I saw a the famous and fabulous Princess Pudding! She is very sweet and lovely!
I felt like I saw many of the people I look up to in the French lolita community. All are stars to me.

Tiya, Severina, and me. I love there outfits every time I see them! Credit to Marine

Me, Marine, and Ling. They are so nice to me! Credit to Marine.

My outfit:
Pink Blouse: BtSSB – Back pin tucked blouse
Skirt: BtSSB – Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry
UnderSkirt: BtSSB -Tulip Karami skirt
Headbow: BtSSB
Tea Party Shoes: Secret Shop
Tights and Pink Socks: H&M
Knee High Socks: Bodyline
Bunny Bag: BtSSB
Coat and Hat: BtSSB
Fawn Collar: H&M

We decided to return a bit early because we needed to catch the train, and the center of Paris is faraway. As I was waiting to buy tickets for the RER, a man tried to put his hand in my pocket! I know he did! Yacine saw the interaction between us. He told me to go to Marine, and he took the heat from the man because the man tried to defend himself.

I, however, have nothing in my coat pockets but maps and used metro tickets. My purse is open but with a zipper pocket where I keep all my money and etc.  I am thankful for my friends protecting me! And even with the bum, I had a great time!


2 comments on “Week-end Japon at the Hippodrome de Vincennes

  • C’était une bonne journée mais très froide!
    Le “Crac” nous a fait peur! mais c’est pas tous les jours qu’on voit un lac gelé! c’est joli !
    Nashville !!!! The best!
    Heureusement que j’ai gagné à la deuxième course! 🙂
    J’avais oublié le malfrat de la fin de journée! Yacine est le plus fort !
    A bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures!

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