La Chandeleur // Manga Paris

Published Monday, 20 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Marine and I stopped by a few shops in Paris. I love looking a shops in Paris. In normal cute shops I find things I normally must dig for on the the internet or fight for on eBay. However, I saved myself for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. It is my favorite brand, ever. I am addicted and all my spare money comes out of my pockets at BtSSB Paris. I bought a pink blouse, pink comb bow, and blue princess drop heart earrings. I have always wanted a pink brand blouse but I never can find them at EGL Sales. Also, I have long arms. I tried on the first blouse I picked out but it was too short! This is the beauty of buying in the store instead of EGL Sales! I can try it on! I bought the pick bows because Marine got the same in red. We can “twin”, if just with only our bows. And, finally, I bought the blue earrings I wanted since I first visited Paris in October!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Back pin tucked blouse (pink) // Chess crystal ribbon combs (pink) // Crystal Heart Earrings (blue)

After our shopping we went to Marine’s studio. Her studio was so nice and big!  I was so happy to be in a big room and big bathroom! It brings my residence and room to shame! I live in a closet with a corner stall bathroom.

Marine's cute desk. She had cute posters and pictures everywhere! Also, the computer is playing "Scène de Ménage", a popular French TV show.

Anyways, we celebrated La Chandeleur! La Chandeleur is February the 2nd. It is the day to make and eat crepes. I never celebrated this little holiday before in any of my French classes. It is said that if you hold money in one hand and flip the crepe in the other hand, you will have prosperity for the whole year.

Our crepes!

Thus, Marine and I made crepes. Unfortunately, Marine suffers from “poor cook” syndrome. In the end, it was me, the American, who made the best crepes! They were not prefect! Crepes are like makeing pancakes, but they less forgiving and hard as hell to flip. A few exciting things distracted us, and we made the alarm go off and burnt one or two crepes a little! In the end it was fun to learn to made crepes!

Marine’s friends and neighbors, Solène, Oly, and Estelle, came with a chair and apple cider! They laughed at our small crepes! I laughed at them too! Marine made a lovely meal with our crepes by putting potatoes, shredded cheese, (optional) cream, and (optional) ham bits. I really enjoyed it! Later, I learned in my cultural class that this combination of toppings is common in the Normandy area.
Afterwards, we played Jungle Fever. I was horrible, but I think I manage to hurt everyone with my nails! haha!

After all the food and fun, we had to go to bed! We had a big day ahead of us. As the French say, “Au dodo.”


Marine and I both woke up to get ready for Paris Manga. When we looked out the window, we were delighted to see snow! It was not a little bit, but a whole lot of snow! Yet, we soon realized that the buses might not be running because of the snow! So, we got all dolled up in lolita and braved the snow. However, there was nothing to fear the buses, RER, trams, and Metros were all working! So, we made it to Paris Manga!

It snowed a lot! I was warm in my layers and coats, but my toes in 3 socks were cold!

What was Paris Manga?
It is a Convention for Japanese Anime and Manga, and Sci-fi. There were the normal Anime Con events, such as Coyplay, Danceing, Fashion Shows, and Dealers. There were local Artist, cute shops, and Bands. There were famous Sci-fi actors and anime voices.
My favorite was the HUGE Purikura! It was a steep price, but I had so much fun! My next favorite thing was all the shops. I am use to having to wait in line to go in the dealers room, but at Paris Manga it was all in the open. The shops prevented theft with plastic over the display items. And finally, I enjoyed the Japanese street fashion show!

Purikura! At the top we are editing our pictures! and below are some of our results! CUTE!

During the event, Marine and I went outside to take pictures! Marine took wonderful pictures of me and a photographer took pictures of us too!  Enjoy:

Credit to Marine

Credit to Marine

Credit to Loco Pixel

Credit to Loco Pixel

My Coordination:

Dress: Snow Dot -yellow- BTSSB
Pink Blouse: BTSSB
Bunny Bag: BTSSB
Pink Ribbon Bow: BTSSB
Fairy clip: BTSSB
Floral tights: H&M
Pink Flower Socks: MILK
Yellow TeaParty Shoes: SS


Thanks to Marine for the wonderful weekend and for everything! ❤


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