Under the Stars of Saint Chapelle

Published Friday, 10 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Saint Chapelle and La Conciergerie

On a bright sunny day but painfully cold, I went to Paris for a weekend of adventures! Marine and I met at the Metro for Notre Dame, and together, we went to Saint Chapelle. After passing thought the security and “buying” our free ticket, we entered. I think we were both stunned but the beauty. The Saint Chapelle has the wonderful Gothic Architectural features which I love but it shines more then any other Gothic building I’ve seen.

The welcome into Saint Chapelle's lower chapel.

The famous pointed arches are painted gold and contrasts with the navy blue star ceilings! It is as if the arches hold up a night sky. Saint Chapelle is preserved wonderfully! It is hard to imagine the cathedrals, like Notre Dame or Notre Dame d’Amiens, painted in such glory! Most cathedrals are the color of stones after years of smoke from candles, carbon dioxide from people, leaks, and just pain old abuse.

A sky of stars held by glass and gold.

After climbing stairs, we found ourselves in a more opened chapel – the royal chapel. The glorious paintings continued here too. the chapel is tall and straight. It is only a nave- no side aisles or cross.  The  Gothic style of Saint Chapelle is called Rayonnant. Rayonnant, as I understand it, is the style between High Gothic and Late Gothic. It is not trying to be the biggest (like in Amiens or Beauvais- a failure), but concentrated in the patterns and more openness of glass.

Stained glass windows at Saint Chapelle.

Also, one cannot miss the wall of colorful glass! From the picture of the arches, the walls are just glass! The stained glass windows were very bright because of the wonderful – but cold – sun. Each stained glass window told stories from the Bible. There were windows for the Passion, some New Testament books, and Old Testament books.

Saint Chapelle is a wonderful place to visit! Don’t forget about it! It is just a right across from Notre Dame!

Thank you for reading! Bye for now!


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