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Week-end Japon at the Hippodrome de Vincennes

Published Friday, 24 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I am finding myself in Paris more and more. I have gone to Paris so many times lately! But, I think it is great to be close by Paris, otherwise I would be quite bored! It is about 20-25 Euros each trip, but I will never be this close to Paris again!

On the 11-12 of February at the Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris, “Week-end Japon” took place! The Hippodrome de Vincennes is a racecourse. Where I live in the USA, to say a racecourse to a red-neck, it means a racecourse for cars. But, this is Paris , France of course the racecourses are for horses! I’ve never been to a horse racing event!

Gateway into Chateau de Vincennes

So, I took the metro, line 2, to the very, very end- Chateau de Vincennes. Here, I met my friend Marine, her boyfriend Nicolas, his friend Yacine, and Nicolas’s brother, Alexandre. Marine and I were of course dressed in lolita, because the event had a large section for lolita/ japan fashion!

Marine and I in front of the chapel. Credit to Marine

Because we had plenty of time till the event opened, we explored. It was bitter cold, but I enjoyed seeing a completely different side of Paris. Instead of buildings, shops, the Seine, Cathedrals, dirty streets, the poor, and  hoards of tourist, I saw a castle, the countryside, a tiny bit of Japan, and some fast horses!

The sun coming through the windows of the chapel.

I do not know much about the Chateau de Vincennes, but I think it is lovely. It is not what most people imagine when they go to  Paris, yet it is a nice fresh air! It is just like a real castle! There is a moat and a bridge, a cobble stone courtyard, and a chapel! It is in great shape, as if it has never seen a war.

Us with "PARIS" in the Parc Floral de Paris

Behind the chateau there is a park called Parc Floral de Paris. The word were in large white letters (like the famous ones in Amsterdam). I loved see the word Paris in bold white letters!

Our walk beside the forest.

After walking along what seemed like a little path in a forest, we arrived at the Hippodrome de Vincennes. There was a nice park around the hippodrome and a little frozen pond. After eating lunch, the boys were being boys and tried to break the ice. They decided it was strong enough to stand on! Marine convinced me to come on the ice for a picture! At one point we thought we heard a “CRACK!”, and we ran off!

The park around the hippodrome where we ate.

Marine and I on the ice. Credit to Marine

The ice in the sun shined pure white.

By now the hippodrome was open and the horses running! The horses ran around and around. There were about 4 races. It was interesting to watch the horses run, but almost more interesting to watch the people scream at the finishing line! The French screamed and cheered, out of happiness or frustration! I didn’t bet on any horses, but Marine and Yacine did. They won one or two races! I was more interested in the horses names. One of the horses was named Nashville Dancer!

Number 18 trotting to warm up before the races.

Inside where it was warm, Week-end Japan was in full motion! I love watching lolitas appear in the fashion area! I saw the wonderful French famous lolitas!

Princess Pudding holding my Totoro. Ling asked her for me because I was too shy.

There was the Fan-magazine for lolitas, “L’Empire des Dentelles”, with Rouge Detelle et Rose Ruban.
Also, I saw the fabulous sweets of Fairy Chantilly of Fleur en Surce! So sweet!
And best of all, I saw a the famous and fabulous Princess Pudding! She is very sweet and lovely!
I felt like I saw many of the people I look up to in the French lolita community. All are stars to me.

Tiya, Severina, and me. I love there outfits every time I see them! Credit to Marine

Me, Marine, and Ling. They are so nice to me! Credit to Marine.

My outfit:
Pink Blouse: BtSSB – Back pin tucked blouse
Skirt: BtSSB – Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry
UnderSkirt: BtSSB -Tulip Karami skirt
Headbow: BtSSB
Tea Party Shoes: Secret Shop
Tights and Pink Socks: H&M
Knee High Socks: Bodyline
Bunny Bag: BtSSB
Coat and Hat: BtSSB
Fawn Collar: H&M

We decided to return a bit early because we needed to catch the train, and the center of Paris is faraway. As I was waiting to buy tickets for the RER, a man tried to put his hand in my pocket! I know he did! Yacine saw the interaction between us. He told me to go to Marine, and he took the heat from the man because the man tried to defend himself.

I, however, have nothing in my coat pockets but maps and used metro tickets. My purse is open but with a zipper pocket where I keep all my money and etc.  I am thankful for my friends protecting me! And even with the bum, I had a great time!


La Chandeleur // Manga Paris

Published Monday, 20 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Marine and I stopped by a few shops in Paris. I love looking a shops in Paris. In normal cute shops I find things I normally must dig for on the the internet or fight for on eBay. However, I saved myself for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. It is my favorite brand, ever. I am addicted and all my spare money comes out of my pockets at BtSSB Paris. I bought a pink blouse, pink comb bow, and blue princess drop heart earrings. I have always wanted a pink brand blouse but I never can find them at EGL Sales. Also, I have long arms. I tried on the first blouse I picked out but it was too short! This is the beauty of buying in the store instead of EGL Sales! I can try it on! I bought the pick bows because Marine got the same in red. We can “twin”, if just with only our bows. And, finally, I bought the blue earrings I wanted since I first visited Paris in October!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Back pin tucked blouse (pink) // Chess crystal ribbon combs (pink) // Crystal Heart Earrings (blue)

After our shopping we went to Marine’s studio. Her studio was so nice and big!  I was so happy to be in a big room and big bathroom! It brings my residence and room to shame! I live in a closet with a corner stall bathroom.

Marine's cute desk. She had cute posters and pictures everywhere! Also, the computer is playing "Scène de Ménage", a popular French TV show.

Anyways, we celebrated La Chandeleur! La Chandeleur is February the 2nd. It is the day to make and eat crepes. I never celebrated this little holiday before in any of my French classes. It is said that if you hold money in one hand and flip the crepe in the other hand, you will have prosperity for the whole year.

Our crepes!

Thus, Marine and I made crepes. Unfortunately, Marine suffers from “poor cook” syndrome. In the end, it was me, the American, who made the best crepes! They were not prefect! Crepes are like makeing pancakes, but they less forgiving and hard as hell to flip. A few exciting things distracted us, and we made the alarm go off and burnt one or two crepes a little! In the end it was fun to learn to made crepes!

Marine’s friends and neighbors, Solène, Oly, and Estelle, came with a chair and apple cider! They laughed at our small crepes! I laughed at them too! Marine made a lovely meal with our crepes by putting potatoes, shredded cheese, (optional) cream, and (optional) ham bits. I really enjoyed it! Later, I learned in my cultural class that this combination of toppings is common in the Normandy area.
Afterwards, we played Jungle Fever. I was horrible, but I think I manage to hurt everyone with my nails! haha!

After all the food and fun, we had to go to bed! We had a big day ahead of us. As the French say, “Au dodo.”


Marine and I both woke up to get ready for Paris Manga. When we looked out the window, we were delighted to see snow! It was not a little bit, but a whole lot of snow! Yet, we soon realized that the buses might not be running because of the snow! So, we got all dolled up in lolita and braved the snow. However, there was nothing to fear the buses, RER, trams, and Metros were all working! So, we made it to Paris Manga!

It snowed a lot! I was warm in my layers and coats, but my toes in 3 socks were cold!

What was Paris Manga?
It is a Convention for Japanese Anime and Manga, and Sci-fi. There were the normal Anime Con events, such as Coyplay, Danceing, Fashion Shows, and Dealers. There were local Artist, cute shops, and Bands. There were famous Sci-fi actors and anime voices.
My favorite was the HUGE Purikura! It was a steep price, but I had so much fun! My next favorite thing was all the shops. I am use to having to wait in line to go in the dealers room, but at Paris Manga it was all in the open. The shops prevented theft with plastic over the display items. And finally, I enjoyed the Japanese street fashion show!

Purikura! At the top we are editing our pictures! and below are some of our results! CUTE!

During the event, Marine and I went outside to take pictures! Marine took wonderful pictures of me and a photographer took pictures of us too!  Enjoy:

Credit to Marine

Credit to Marine

Credit to Loco Pixel

Credit to Loco Pixel

My Coordination:

Dress: Snow Dot -yellow- BTSSB
Pink Blouse: BTSSB
Bunny Bag: BTSSB
Pink Ribbon Bow: BTSSB
Fairy clip: BTSSB
Floral tights: H&M
Pink Flower Socks: MILK
Yellow TeaParty Shoes: SS


Thanks to Marine for the wonderful weekend and for everything! ❤

La Conciergerie

Published Friday, 10 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

In a continuation of my day after Saint Chapelle, Marine and I set out to Notre Dame. However, we found the Tours de Notre Dame closed due to climate. I have to say, it was chilly to the bone! So, we turned around and walked back to where we came. Right beside Saint Chapelle is the La Conciergerie.

La Conciergerie turned into a prison from a palace.

From what I understand, the La Conciergerie was a formal royal palace and Saint Chapelle was the royals’ place of worship. However, the palace was left for the Louvre in the late 1350’s. Finally, in 1390’s the palace became a prison – what it is most famous for in history.  Ironically, these palace prisons  held the royals of France during the French Revolution, such as the famous or infamous Queen Marie Antoinette. Here, the prison held the poor people about to have their heads cut off at the now famous Concord area behind the Louvre.

Cells for the prisoners.

The modern La Conciergerie has an open part for tourist! Marine and I walked along the hall of prison cells. Each cell was set up as a scene. There was a cell for the keeper of keys and activities of the prisoners. There were three types of cells for the prisoners. One can choose to pay a great deal of money to have a nice cell, which included a bed, desk, and chair (sounds like my dorm room in France). The next choose was to pay less money for a bed, and the last choice was pay nothing and have nothing. Near the door, their was a room where the prisoners were prepared for the guillotine. It is horrifying!

The window in Marie Antoinette's cell in her honor.

As for the most famous prisoner, Marie Antoinette, the large cell where she waited for her trail can be viewed. There is a stained glass window done in her honor. In the short video at the end, I learned that Marie Antoinette’s trail lasted two days. Being found guilty, she was taken to the guillotine the next day. HORRIFYING!
Thus, I learned another thing, do not piss off the French public.


The currant exposition is called BÊTES OFF. It was a little too much for my and Marine’s taste, but here is a few pictures of the things I liked.


A Knitted Giraffe!


A Whale!

Under the Stars of Saint Chapelle

Published Friday, 10 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Saint Chapelle and La Conciergerie

On a bright sunny day but painfully cold, I went to Paris for a weekend of adventures! Marine and I met at the Metro for Notre Dame, and together, we went to Saint Chapelle. After passing thought the security and “buying” our free ticket, we entered. I think we were both stunned but the beauty. The Saint Chapelle has the wonderful Gothic Architectural features which I love but it shines more then any other Gothic building I’ve seen.

The welcome into Saint Chapelle's lower chapel.

The famous pointed arches are painted gold and contrasts with the navy blue star ceilings! It is as if the arches hold up a night sky. Saint Chapelle is preserved wonderfully! It is hard to imagine the cathedrals, like Notre Dame or Notre Dame d’Amiens, painted in such glory! Most cathedrals are the color of stones after years of smoke from candles, carbon dioxide from people, leaks, and just pain old abuse.

A sky of stars held by glass and gold.

After climbing stairs, we found ourselves in a more opened chapel – the royal chapel. The glorious paintings continued here too. the chapel is tall and straight. It is only a nave- no side aisles or cross.  The  Gothic style of Saint Chapelle is called Rayonnant. Rayonnant, as I understand it, is the style between High Gothic and Late Gothic. It is not trying to be the biggest (like in Amiens or Beauvais- a failure), but concentrated in the patterns and more openness of glass.

Stained glass windows at Saint Chapelle.

Also, one cannot miss the wall of colorful glass! From the picture of the arches, the walls are just glass! The stained glass windows were very bright because of the wonderful – but cold – sun. Each stained glass window told stories from the Bible. There were windows for the Passion, some New Testament books, and Old Testament books.

Saint Chapelle is a wonderful place to visit! Don’t forget about it! It is just a right across from Notre Dame!

Thank you for reading! Bye for now!

Soldes and Friends in Paris

Published Thursday, 2 February 2012 by Sydney Sunny

The first weekend of the “soldes”, January 14, I went to Paris! I woke up early and took the 6:50am train.
After buying the young ticket for unlimited Metro use (the way to go if you need to use the metro a lot) and using the long way around to get to my destination because the metro line was closed, I walked out into the cold air. Oh, it was cold that day.  I waited for Marine. We wearing Lolita, so finding each other was not too difficult. She was wearing her new skirt from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and I, my new dress from Baby (from online 2nd hand).

Paris in the morning sunrise.

We went to the Musee de l’Orangerie. The Orangerie houses the magnificent art work I have seen yet. I’ve see Mona Lisa’s smile, I am in love with David, I met the Girl with the Unicorn, but here I became lost in a world- a world of Monet. In two large white, oval rooms Monet’s Les Nympeas (the water lilies) . Marine and were lost in the strokes of color. We both were amazed and awed. The scale of the art blow my mind. In the paintings I could see and hear the water moving in the art work. I saw his small lake in the morning, daytime, sunset, and night. I could have stayed there forever.
I highly recommend going to the Musee de l’Orangerie. I believe it is a commonly over looked because of its size.  It is beside the Louvre at the edge of the gardens.

Me and Marine in front of the Musee de l'Orangerie. Credit to Marine

Then, we went “soldes” shopping! We met up with Marine (they have the same name- cute). We took the metro straight to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris. We tried on skirts, cutsews, dresses, bows, clips, and jackets. The sales were great at Baby! I was given money for Christmas  in Euros from my family. I decided that I will never convert the money to US dollars and I have plenty of money from my scholarship given each month. So, I spent. Oh! I spent!

Here I am shopping at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris. Wearing- BABY! Credit to Marine

Here is what I got:

Tulip Karami skirt- white-98 Euros // Night Fairy Fantasia- hair clip- Blue- 28 Euros // Teddy Ribbon Coat- Black- 238 Euros = I bought all this for the original price for the coat

I’ve had my eye on the Tulip Karami skirt. It is so lovely. The lace, fabric, and ribbons create a tremendous amount of detail. The skirt is great on its own or as a underskirt (which I need, my bloomers show in the winter) . I was able to get the skirt at final sales price because I payed in cash. Thank you Baby!
I’ve also had my I on the Night Fairy Fantasia hair clip. I was amazed that the series was not very popular in the Lolita community. I was excited when I first saw it for reserve. It is my favorite print of 2011!  However, the skirt is short. Even so, it is my dream skirt, and I will patiently wait for it like a spider. Till then, I wear this fairy in my hair many days of the week!
This coat, THIS COAT! I wanted a brand coat. I knew brand coats would be lined and made well for years, and year of use. I thought of buying one online but the price for shipping for a well made coat ( heavy) is horrible! So, I bought one on sale. I only buy things from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris’s store if I am 100% happy with it. The coat fits like a glove. It is the warmest thing, too! I wear less layers now to go outside, and now is it below freezing! I am very happy!

Marine told me this French phrase -‎"chargée comme une mule"- because Marine and I bought so much! Credit to Marine

Anyway, after shopping we were very hungry! We went back on the Metro to a 50’s Diner! I don’t know where it is but it is close to Hotel de Ville and Princess Crepe area. I got left at a metro stop, and I was following my friends. They had quite a few vegetarian things (NOT VEGAN)  on the menu. I had a chose between a salad, bagel, and burger!  I got a burger. I am not much of a burger girl but, why not? It was a popular place. We had to wait in a line. We sat, surrounded by our shopping bags and purses, and eat our warm meals. We chatted, and I drew on pink napkins the state Tennessee.

Me in the Diner. It was really cute there!

After we were full and happy, we went to take Puricula! There is a Puricula booth in the tiny store called Marugen (on the Rue des Petits Champs). If you don’t know what Puricula is, well you need to get a life. It is a photobooth that takes your picture! Afterwards you can edit it with different things. Each machine is different.  This machine was Tomagotchi! I love it! Then it is printed super fast. The result is tiny super “kawaii” photos that can be used as stickers!  It cost 5 Euros at Marugen (100yens – if only we were in Japan!).

Marine's Puricula

My Puricula


Afterwards, we went to another Museum.  It was very beautiful and very Lolita. The house was a fully furnished period house from the Romantic Period. It is free for all because it is a City of Paris Museum. It is called the Musee de la Vie Romantique. It would be a lovely place to sit and rest on a hot day. I love old restored houses. Being in lolita dresses, makes me feel like I am part of it.

It was an amazing day. I was so tired! I missed the train and had to take a later train. I was so very tired! Yet, it was worth everything! When I arrived, everyone getting off the train had bags and bags from shops. I felt very French because I had bags too!

Thank you for reading, Princesses! And a special thanks to my Marines, they make me feel so a home in France. They have taken me under their wings! Wish Marine luck as so goes to Spain, too!