“Les Soldes” – The Black Friday of France

Published Monday, 23 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

“Les Soldes” is a period of time two times a year when all fashion stores put the old collections on sale. Everything is on sale up to 60%! It is very impressive! In America there are sales on Black Friday, After Christmas, New Years, Presidents’ Day, Flag Day, Summer, Fall, School, Thanksgiving, and more. So, as I’ve been going in and out of local stores, I’ve noticed the lack of sales. So, I painfully waited for “les Soldes”.
The winter “Soldes” started on Wednesday, 11th of January. I went to the center of town as the stores opened. People were everywhere. This is a rare site for the morning during a weekday. In about 2 hours the lunch break joined in the fun. I wasn’t looking for any thing special, but H&M was the easiest to fall to head over heels. The prices were marked with large red tags and even prices. There was no math like 17,99 Euros – 45%. It was just RED and 1 Euro!

Here is what I got from H&M:

Pack of 2 pairs of basic black tights: 1euro was 6,95euros// Bird hair pins (4 pack): 3euros was 4,95euros //White Pink Flower Tights: 3euros was 7,95euros// Soft pink/ white wool socks: 3euros each was 4,95euros each //Black little bag: 1euro was 4,95euros

Later, I bought a pair of white tights for 1Euro too.
At Sephora I bought blond mascara: 4,95euros was 9,50euros.
At Carrefour:

A strong Hello Kitty umbrella - 9 Euros was 18 Euros

On Friday I got 3 packages from wonderful finds on the internet. I think, the people of France had sales in there blood. ( I will reveal the yellow package later!

Socks: BTSSB 11,50E // Bow: BTSSB 13E // ?? yellow??

And last but not least, on Saturday I met up with some of my French lolita friends in Paris (I’ll write more about that wonderful day). I just cannot help but reveal what I bought during the “soldes” at Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

BTSSB Tulip Karami skirt- 98 Euros was 192 Euros//BTSSB- Night Fairy Fantasia- hair clip 29 Euros was 50 Euros// BTSSB Teddy Ribbon Coat -238 Euros was 368 Euros

I am in love with my purchases! I am warm, dry, sparkly, and full of lace and bows!
I hope everyone had a good “soldes” in France! But wait! It is NOT OVER! It lasts till the middle of Febuary! More things might be marked down!

Good luck shopping!


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