A Christmas to Remember

Published Saturday, 21 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Christmas has passed, but I hold it still close to my heart.

For Chirstmas I took the fast train to Saint Avold (close to Metz). Once I stepped out of the train, I was welcomed warmly with French kisses by my family- Not my family from the USA but my family who are natives of France who I have not seen in ten years! They were just like I remembered them, giving, warm, kind, and like me.
I spent five amazing days with them. I celebrated Christmas Eve with them. They gave me so many things! I was not expecting it! And they also took me around the surrounding areas. Stress off finding places, understand, map reading, and money slipped away. I began to relax in a deeply for the first time in four months. Also, I began to absorb French. Agathe, my cousin around my age, speaks perfect English. She helped me when I didn’t understand or if I couldn’t say something. But, I didn’t notice how much my French approved till I returned to Amiens!

I can not thank them enough. There is no way with words in English or French.

Here are the things I saw with them:
Christmas Eve 2011:

Cousin E, Great Aunt G, and Me on Christmas Eve!

Christmas 2011:

They took me to Metz! It was very cold and wet. I got to see the new modern art museum, Centre Pompidou – Metz! I loved the Maze section with lights!

Mystery and Mazes

Cathedrale Saint Etienne de Metz

26 December:
They took me to Colmar! It was so nice! The Christmas markets were very festive. Nothing could kill the spirit even though Christmas was over!

I learned that there is a difference between St.Nicolas and Santa Claus.

Retable d'Issenheim by Grunewald and Nicolas de Haguenau 1512 - 1516 in Unterlindin Colmar, France

Colmar by night

27 December:

I went to Basel, Switzerland. It was funny because E made fun of the Swiss German! We ate at Tibits, a vegetation restaurant that works like Whole Foods’ buffet. It was really cold.

Fondation Beyeler

"Bobo" at the Cathedral

28th December:
My cousin took me to Strasbourg! She knew the city well because she studied there! The Cathedral is amazing! We ate at Au Potiron, a vegetarian restaurant. My family is vegetarian too!  I would also recommend having tea at Au Fond du Jardin, just to the right to the Cathedral.  It was full at the time, but very beautiful!
The Christmas Markets of Alsace are truly something.  It really warms your heart during the cold, cold days!

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg - the nave and organ

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

29th December:
I left to go back “home” to Amiens. I was so sad to leave. They had embraced me so openly and warmly!  I still miss the nice dinners and movies at night!

Much Love.


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