EGL’s Theme of the Month: Wardrobe

Published Thursday, 12 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I guess people are getting tired of these, but after seeing everyone post their closet I’ve been inspired to be more active in the community.

I started to really buy Lolita things in 2011. I really have gone crazy for Baby the Stars Shine Bright because I am studying in France – one hour away from Paris! I am from Tennessee, USA so I am spoiled with so many lolitas and stores in France! I have made many French friends with the fashion, and it has also opened many doors in my life (and my wallet XD). So it is very special to me.

Some of my things are at my home in the USA and some things are from France

I am only showing my “brand” thing. I have other necessary things, such as, blouses, bloomers, tights, sock, bows, etc….

Most things I buy are used but loved equally! Also I buy things on sale. I’ve only bought 2 out 9 things without a sale!

*bought new

Top left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright -CLASSICAL ROSE SKIRT – Black (1st Brand), Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Unknown Skirt (missing waist ties),  Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Ma Cherie Skirt – Cherry Pink (1st in- store at Paris Baby)*
Middle left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry Skirt – Sax, Angelic Pretty -MILKY-CHAN OF THE FAWN SKIRT- Pink (dream skirt),
Bottom left to right: Bodyline – Soft Cream – Sax, Bodyline Dress- Pink, Baby the Stars Shine Bright – RIBBON SCALLOPED JSK – Pink,  Innocent World – Cat Pattern Torchon JSK- Pink ( found on Ebay for a grand total of $38!!)

Left to Right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright- white t-shirt, Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Cutsew 7 Keys – Pink, Metamorphase Temps de Fille – GARDENING TEDDY-CHAN SKIRT WITH APRON – Pink

Top left to right:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink bow*, ANGELIC PRETTY – PARTY RIBBON barrette – black and white*, Baby the Stars Shine Bright – Princess Drop Beret – Black*
Middle left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright – USAKUMYA POCHETTE BAG – White*, Baby the Stars Shine Bright – BtSSB Frill knit – Black,  Baby the Stars Shine Bright – BUNNY EARS CARDIGAN – Black

Bottom left to right: Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes – LL- Yellow, Milk – 4 OTK socks*, Angelic Pretty- MARCHEN RIBBON OTK SOCKS- Pink (gift!)

Currently I have 3 things in the mail! BtSSB black bow, socks, and Snow Dot dress in yellow! I’ll post them later!

Also, I have a few things to buy from Baby Paris this weekend because of “soldes”! 😀 because I have Christmas money! 😀

Thank you for viewing!! ❤


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