My First Lolita Meet Up in Paris, France

Published Tuesday, 10 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Happy New Year! // Bonne Année!
Even though it is the the new year -2012, I still have so much to talk about from December of 2011! I thought, it would be nice to start with my lolita meetup in Paris.

Marine, a friend I made during a hosted ring tutorial in November, invited me to a lolita meetup in Paris. How could I decline?! I was so excited! I had never been  to a real meet up, being surround by people in petticoats, ribbons, and lace. I put on my favorite Baby the Stars Shine Bright skirt, MaCheri in cherry pink, my recently purchased Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Cardigan from the EGL Sales Community, and my warm leggings and boots. Also, I brought along a new friend for his first outing. Earlier in December, I bought with Christmas money the cutest Bunny Bag at Baby the Stars Shine Bright!

I am on the train to Paris with my Bunny Bag.

Once I arrived in Paris, I met with Marine and Marine! They welcomed me so warmly. We walked around together. Once finding a nice park, Palais Royal, we took pictures! We looked so nice. I really love how Marine and Marine twin in their jumpskirts!
I am not fond of winter. All outfits are covered by a coat. My goal is to purchase a nice brand coat one day so my outfits look nicer!

Me, Marine, and Marine in our frills. Photo from Marine.

Then the time had come. We went to the meeting place. Girls started to arrive. We were a bright happy spot in front of Starbuck in a swarm of dull black. I was nervous. I had in my mind the horrors of lolita “dramas”. I have heard such awful thing. I was afraid of my lack of a petticoat (I doubled skirts), coat, hairbow, boots, socks, and… Marine helped say hello me to everyone. I went around like everyone else with “bisous” – the French greeting.
Every single girl took my breath away. The French lolitas have wonderful style! Plus, each one was so kind to me. My fears dropped as quickly as they came! I was so happy!  I saw they were just like me, and I think, they all saw me just like themselves – someone with the same interest!

Top: The Restaurant Coreen Opera Guibine is where we ate. Everyone is sitting down. Bottom: My veggies and rice! Very interesting and yummy! By the time I ate it all, my Bunny had made a friend!

We went to eat at a Korean Restaurant. I ordered vegetables and rice. It was wonderful! The veggies were … I have no idea, but they were good for a change!

Afterwards, we, lolitas, paraded to the shopping district for lolitas’ in Paris! We hopping on the metro in our petticoat and frills, causing people to smile or stare. Our first stop was Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The shop could barely fit everyone. I personally touched everything like always. Pouring over details, I talked to others in French. In the end, I bought a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop Beret to remember the day! I’ve had my eye on it, and I need a new hat from Paris. My old grey from Paris 4 years ago one looks, well, old.

All my new French lolita friends in front of Baby the Stars Shine Bright in Paris! They all look so very nice! Can you find me?

Then, we made our way to Boddywood. The shop here is even smaller. I poured over details again. I bought 2 pairs of Milk sock that were 60% off.

Dress Displays: Left: Baby// Right: Angelic Pretty (Boddywood)

After all my shopping, I was tired. Marine and Marine said good bye. And I returned to Amiens; I was glad to be back. On my way to my dorm, the cathedral was playing the laser show. I was happy to see it again. The next time I will see it will be in June when it is not cold and raining.

It was a perfect day.
I want to thank all my new French lolita friends. You are special to me! And the most thanks to my two Marines!

Bisous Princesses!


A doodle I drew that day on the train.

My Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop Beret! I love to wear it because it is cute with ribbons and is super warm!


4 comments on “My First Lolita Meet Up in Paris, France

  • oh my!!!!!! I’m a sweet Lolita girl living very close to Paris and I’ve been looking for meet ups I could go to without feeling too out of my depth! I’ve missed meet ups so much but i’m just nervous because my French isn’t so great. I’d love to get in contact with you and find out about all you know about the Lolita core in Paris! I love this blog 🙂

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