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“Les Soldes” – The Black Friday of France

Published Monday, 23 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

“Les Soldes” is a period of time two times a year when all fashion stores put the old collections on sale. Everything is on sale up to 60%! It is very impressive! In America there are sales on Black Friday, After Christmas, New Years, Presidents’ Day, Flag Day, Summer, Fall, School, Thanksgiving, and more. So, as I’ve been going in and out of local stores, I’ve noticed the lack of sales. So, I painfully waited for “les Soldes”.
The winter “Soldes” started on Wednesday, 11th of January. I went to the center of town as the stores opened. People were everywhere. This is a rare site for the morning during a weekday. In about 2 hours the lunch break joined in the fun. I wasn’t looking for any thing special, but H&M was the easiest to fall to head over heels. The prices were marked with large red tags and even prices. There was no math like 17,99 Euros – 45%. It was just RED and 1 Euro!

Here is what I got from H&M:

Pack of 2 pairs of basic black tights: 1euro was 6,95euros// Bird hair pins (4 pack): 3euros was 4,95euros //White Pink Flower Tights: 3euros was 7,95euros// Soft pink/ white wool socks: 3euros each was 4,95euros each //Black little bag: 1euro was 4,95euros

Later, I bought a pair of white tights for 1Euro too.
At Sephora I bought blond mascara: 4,95euros was 9,50euros.
At Carrefour:

A strong Hello Kitty umbrella - 9 Euros was 18 Euros

On Friday I got 3 packages from wonderful finds on the internet. I think, the people of France had sales in there blood. ( I will reveal the yellow package later!

Socks: BTSSB 11,50E // Bow: BTSSB 13E // ?? yellow??

And last but not least, on Saturday I met up with some of my French lolita friends in Paris (I’ll write more about that wonderful day). I just cannot help but reveal what I bought during the “soldes” at Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

BTSSB Tulip Karami skirt- 98 Euros was 192 Euros//BTSSB- Night Fairy Fantasia- hair clip 29 Euros was 50 Euros// BTSSB Teddy Ribbon Coat -238 Euros was 368 Euros

I am in love with my purchases! I am warm, dry, sparkly, and full of lace and bows!
I hope everyone had a good “soldes” in France! But wait! It is NOT OVER! It lasts till the middle of Febuary! More things might be marked down!

Good luck shopping!


A Christmas to Remember

Published Saturday, 21 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Christmas has passed, but I hold it still close to my heart.

For Chirstmas I took the fast train to Saint Avold (close to Metz). Once I stepped out of the train, I was welcomed warmly with French kisses by my family- Not my family from the USA but my family who are natives of France who I have not seen in ten years! They were just like I remembered them, giving, warm, kind, and like me.
I spent five amazing days with them. I celebrated Christmas Eve with them. They gave me so many things! I was not expecting it! And they also took me around the surrounding areas. Stress off finding places, understand, map reading, and money slipped away. I began to relax in a deeply for the first time in four months. Also, I began to absorb French. Agathe, my cousin around my age, speaks perfect English. She helped me when I didn’t understand or if I couldn’t say something. But, I didn’t notice how much my French approved till I returned to Amiens!

I can not thank them enough. There is no way with words in English or French.

Here are the things I saw with them:
Christmas Eve 2011:

Cousin E, Great Aunt G, and Me on Christmas Eve!

Christmas 2011:

They took me to Metz! It was very cold and wet. I got to see the new modern art museum, Centre Pompidou – Metz! I loved the Maze section with lights!

Mystery and Mazes

Cathedrale Saint Etienne de Metz

26 December:
They took me to Colmar! It was so nice! The Christmas markets were very festive. Nothing could kill the spirit even though Christmas was over!

I learned that there is a difference between St.Nicolas and Santa Claus.

Retable d'Issenheim by Grunewald and Nicolas de Haguenau 1512 - 1516 in Unterlindin Colmar, France

Colmar by night

27 December:

I went to Basel, Switzerland. It was funny because E made fun of the Swiss German! We ate at Tibits, a vegetation restaurant that works like Whole Foods’ buffet. It was really cold.

Fondation Beyeler

"Bobo" at the Cathedral

28th December:
My cousin took me to Strasbourg! She knew the city well because she studied there! The Cathedral is amazing! We ate at Au Potiron, a vegetarian restaurant. My family is vegetarian too!  I would also recommend having tea at Au Fond du Jardin, just to the right to the Cathedral.  It was full at the time, but very beautiful!
The Christmas Markets of Alsace are truly something.  It really warms your heart during the cold, cold days!

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg - the nave and organ

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

29th December:
I left to go back “home” to Amiens. I was so sad to leave. They had embraced me so openly and warmly!  I still miss the nice dinners and movies at night!

Much Love.

EGL’s Theme of the Month: Wardrobe

Published Thursday, 12 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

I guess people are getting tired of these, but after seeing everyone post their closet I’ve been inspired to be more active in the community.

I started to really buy Lolita things in 2011. I really have gone crazy for Baby the Stars Shine Bright because I am studying in France – one hour away from Paris! I am from Tennessee, USA so I am spoiled with so many lolitas and stores in France! I have made many French friends with the fashion, and it has also opened many doors in my life (and my wallet XD). So it is very special to me.

Some of my things are at my home in the USA and some things are from France

I am only showing my “brand” thing. I have other necessary things, such as, blouses, bloomers, tights, sock, bows, etc….

Most things I buy are used but loved equally! Also I buy things on sale. I’ve only bought 2 out 9 things without a sale!

*bought new

Top left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright -CLASSICAL ROSE SKIRT – Black (1st Brand), Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Unknown Skirt (missing waist ties),  Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Ma Cherie Skirt – Cherry Pink (1st in- store at Paris Baby)*
Middle left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry Skirt – Sax, Angelic Pretty -MILKY-CHAN OF THE FAWN SKIRT- Pink (dream skirt),
Bottom left to right: Bodyline – Soft Cream – Sax, Bodyline Dress- Pink, Baby the Stars Shine Bright – RIBBON SCALLOPED JSK – Pink,  Innocent World – Cat Pattern Torchon JSK- Pink ( found on Ebay for a grand total of $38!!)

Left to Right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright- white t-shirt, Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Cutsew 7 Keys – Pink, Metamorphase Temps de Fille – GARDENING TEDDY-CHAN SKIRT WITH APRON – Pink

Top left to right:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink bow*, ANGELIC PRETTY – PARTY RIBBON barrette – black and white*, Baby the Stars Shine Bright – Princess Drop Beret – Black*
Middle left to right: Baby the Stars Shine Bright – USAKUMYA POCHETTE BAG – White*, Baby the Stars Shine Bright – BtSSB Frill knit – Black,  Baby the Stars Shine Bright – BUNNY EARS CARDIGAN – Black

Bottom left to right: Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes – LL- Yellow, Milk – 4 OTK socks*, Angelic Pretty- MARCHEN RIBBON OTK SOCKS- Pink (gift!)

Currently I have 3 things in the mail! BtSSB black bow, socks, and Snow Dot dress in yellow! I’ll post them later!

Also, I have a few things to buy from Baby Paris this weekend because of “soldes”! 😀 because I have Christmas money! 😀

Thank you for viewing!! ❤

My First Lolita Meet Up in Paris, France

Published Tuesday, 10 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

Happy New Year! // Bonne Année!
Even though it is the the new year -2012, I still have so much to talk about from December of 2011! I thought, it would be nice to start with my lolita meetup in Paris.

Marine, a friend I made during a hosted ring tutorial in November, invited me to a lolita meetup in Paris. How could I decline?! I was so excited! I had never been  to a real meet up, being surround by people in petticoats, ribbons, and lace. I put on my favorite Baby the Stars Shine Bright skirt, MaCheri in cherry pink, my recently purchased Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Cardigan from the EGL Sales Community, and my warm leggings and boots. Also, I brought along a new friend for his first outing. Earlier in December, I bought with Christmas money the cutest Bunny Bag at Baby the Stars Shine Bright!

I am on the train to Paris with my Bunny Bag.

Once I arrived in Paris, I met with Marine and Marine! They welcomed me so warmly. We walked around together. Once finding a nice park, Palais Royal, we took pictures! We looked so nice. I really love how Marine and Marine twin in their jumpskirts!
I am not fond of winter. All outfits are covered by a coat. My goal is to purchase a nice brand coat one day so my outfits look nicer!

Me, Marine, and Marine in our frills. Photo from Marine.

Then the time had come. We went to the meeting place. Girls started to arrive. We were a bright happy spot in front of Starbuck in a swarm of dull black. I was nervous. I had in my mind the horrors of lolita “dramas”. I have heard such awful thing. I was afraid of my lack of a petticoat (I doubled skirts), coat, hairbow, boots, socks, and… Marine helped say hello me to everyone. I went around like everyone else with “bisous” – the French greeting.
Every single girl took my breath away. The French lolitas have wonderful style! Plus, each one was so kind to me. My fears dropped as quickly as they came! I was so happy!  I saw they were just like me, and I think, they all saw me just like themselves – someone with the same interest!

Top: The Restaurant Coreen Opera Guibine is where we ate. Everyone is sitting down. Bottom: My veggies and rice! Very interesting and yummy! By the time I ate it all, my Bunny had made a friend!

We went to eat at a Korean Restaurant. I ordered vegetables and rice. It was wonderful! The veggies were … I have no idea, but they were good for a change!

Afterwards, we, lolitas, paraded to the shopping district for lolitas’ in Paris! We hopping on the metro in our petticoat and frills, causing people to smile or stare. Our first stop was Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The shop could barely fit everyone. I personally touched everything like always. Pouring over details, I talked to others in French. In the end, I bought a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop Beret to remember the day! I’ve had my eye on it, and I need a new hat from Paris. My old grey from Paris 4 years ago one looks, well, old.

All my new French lolita friends in front of Baby the Stars Shine Bright in Paris! They all look so very nice! Can you find me?

Then, we made our way to Boddywood. The shop here is even smaller. I poured over details again. I bought 2 pairs of Milk sock that were 60% off.

Dress Displays: Left: Baby// Right: Angelic Pretty (Boddywood)

After all my shopping, I was tired. Marine and Marine said good bye. And I returned to Amiens; I was glad to be back. On my way to my dorm, the cathedral was playing the laser show. I was happy to see it again. The next time I will see it will be in June when it is not cold and raining.

It was a perfect day.
I want to thank all my new French lolita friends. You are special to me! And the most thanks to my two Marines!

Bisous Princesses!


A doodle I drew that day on the train.

My Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop Beret! I love to wear it because it is cute with ribbons and is super warm!

Finding Gold not Glitter

Published Sunday, 8 January 2012 by Sydney Sunny

One day before Christmas after my friends had left, I was alone. I wondered between the masses of people in the center of the city. Suddenly, among the large crowd of people, among the festive lights, and among the shops, I felt alone. Before I studied abroad, alone had a different feeling. I was alone. It is painful to be somewhere and not be able to express to anyone correctly your feelings with your native tongue. Was it my fault? My mind did the only thing it could do, it blamed its self.
Right as I began to talk down to myself, I looked up.

A rainbow above Amiens with the the beautiful clock and Notre Dame d'Amiens

Behold a rainbow, the promise of God to not forsake men.
Stopping my negative thinking, I moved on to my blessings to be in France. The luster of “living” in France left many months ago. France is amazing but your troubles follow. I know completely my faults and strengths because I came to France -alone. So France is gold, but it doesn’t “glitter” perfect anymore.
And I wonder, I wonder…

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost. – Tolkien