☆Atelier création de bagues☆ – my first lolita meetup

Published Wednesday, 7 December 2011 by Sydney Sunny

Credit to Megu: Isn't the the cutest?

Megu from Candybox and saleslady at Baby the Stars Shine Bright in Paris held a Deco-den class on how to make whip cream rings. This was my first experience with Deco-den. I have been interested in Deco-den for sometime, but living abroad really cuts my crafting. I have limited my self to knitting and paper projects till I go back home. Anyways, I loved it! The rings were a great way to interduce someone to the craft. I had so much fun that I know for sure I will continue to learn Deco-den!

Credit to Megu: A sweet girl makes a sweet ring.

A little girl was curious about the shop and came in to Baby.  Her mom let her stay and make rings! Her mom is the coolest in the world -after mine. With her cute dress on I believe she might be a lolita in training! So cute!

Choosing our Sparkles!

First, Megu pulled out gems (flat backed crystals) and sticks with pictures at the end, and ribbon bows. We all sat and picked out what we wanted to use. I listen to the French conversation, but didn’t understand much because I was so busy picking out my sparkles! I took the longest to choose!

Credit to Megu: Marine whips the magic!

After we’ve chosen our “sparkles”, the “whip cream” must be put on the ring base! I was really nervous! I continued to pick out my “sparkles” and watch the others! I have had no experience with icing cakes, and my worrying continued! But, before we started on the ring we practiced on plastic. Thank goodness! After watching Megu’s example and the others, I had a firm grasp on the “whip cream” after a few trail runs!  I was very happy with my ring’s result! Finally, I began to place my sparkles onto the “whip cream”.

☆my ring☆

Afterwards, I got to know Marine and Marine. (Isn’t that cute? They have the same name and were twining Baby jumpskirts!) And I went to Princess Crepe with Megu and the girl in blue ( I can’t remember her name). I want to thank these girls for such a wonderful time! I didn’t realize it till later but it was my first Lolita meetup! How many American lolitas can say they had their first Lolita Meetup at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in Paris!

Bonus Pictures of BtSSB Paris:

Baby's Jewels and Bows

Which one do I want?

For the Love of Lace

I such a great time! Also, I hope to continue to make Deco-den with Megu till I go back to the States!


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