The French Winter Palette vs. Sydney’s Winter Palette

Published Saturday, 19 November 2011 by Sydney Sunny

The French:

Black: It is their main color. Everything can be black – coat, sweater, t-shirt, pants, shoes, hat, bag.
Sand: This the the secondary color. It can be use as the black.
Navy: This is a color mostly -almost only- found in the use of jeans.
Maroon: This dark red is reserved for the brave only. It is used under the coats and is never the main color.
Grey: It is used, but hard to tell how.
White: I know it is there.
Red: Only the really brave will wear red shoes or red tights. But, most of the time the red is closer to maroon.



Plum: This is the color of my coat and a dress. Thus, my main color.
Gray: It is the color of my hat, scarf, and some tights and socks. I wear it often.
Black: It is worn often, too. I have tights, sweater, and skirts in black. It is easy to use. And of course, black shoes or boots are worn everyday.
Light Blue: I have 2 sweater and skirt in blue. I love blue in the winter.
Pink: I have pink bows, pink sweaters, pink skirts, and pink cheeks!
White: Everyone has white.
Yellow and Red (not seen): I own a pair of wonderful yellow tea party shoes  and a warm red sweater.



I am a rainbow to these French people- a pure rainbow. It it quite common for me to get stares if I am wearing a pink skirt or even a black skirt just because of my purple coat. I feel quite dull in northern France. The weather is often gray, foggy, and damp. Fog can last for days and not lift! I feel the need to bust out in colors. This need came natural to me, and I listened. However, I noticed the stares after a little time. Some friends pointed of to be the palette of the French. So, I look for other colorful people in the crowds, just so I can smile at them and say, “thank you for being brave like me and being a rainbow for all to see“.


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