Book Review: Misako Aoki’s Kawaii Revolution

Published Tuesday, 9 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny

Last week I received a package from Hong Kong. At the end of July I ordered Misako Aoki’s Kawaii Revolution from YesAsia. The book cost about $20 without shipping, but $30 with shipping… In order to get free international shipping to the USA, I asked my friends if she would want something for her birthday. Thus, I killed two birds with one stone -not that I would ever kill a bird!

The book has wonderful pictures of Misako Aoki.  The chapters, Fashion & Beauty, Favorite, and World, have enough picture to be followed easily.
In Fashion & Beauty Misako Aoki shows her favorite color combinations with the color pink. There is also a section on makeup and her daily makeup routine. Then, there is a 6 pages of hair style tutorials! At the end, she shows off her room.
In the chapter Favorite, Misako Aoki shows off her favorite stores, collection of clothes, and foods.
Finally in the World chapter, Misako Aoki shows all the places she has been around in the world. She as been to France, Spain, England, USA, Italy, Brazil, China, Korea, and Thailand.  Around online, people have seen pictures  themselves published beside her!

However, the curse of foreign languages only holds the chapters called My Life and Message hostage. I cannot make heads or tales of this chapter, and, I think, it would be very interesting to read about her life as a model and nurse. Plus, I am really interested in the Questions & Answers section.

I thought, I would share some of the hairstyle tutorials that I’ve tried. Her first 3 hairstyle tutorials are easy to do and can add a little cute to the everyday.

Above is Misako Aoki sporting the 3 styles that I tried out. On the left she wears her hair straight with a little decoration on the side of her bangs; In the middle she has two braids in a loop; and, finally, she shows off a fake bob.

This is me trying Misako Aoki’s cute hairstyles.

  • On the left, I place a bow on the side of my bangs. I have naturally straight hair; thus, I skipped the flat iron and just brushed my hair. But, if you have curly hair use a flattening iron.  I place the bow on my left side because it is my “good side”. I suggest the same. This is a quick little sweet something, something!
  • In the middle, I made two braids and looped them. To make this look correct, start the braid behind the ear. Then, loop the braid and placing it so that it falls on the side of the bangs. Also, use hairpins or bows to correct hair “lumps”. Place a bow or hat to hide the braid’s ends. This is a great hair style for a hot day!
  • On the right, I am trying out a fake bob cut. Simply, split your hair like for pig-tales and tie the very end with hairbands. Take the ends and pin them to the end on the top of your head. Then, complete the look with a hat. Sadly, this look only can be complete with a hat. Thus, it is my least favorite.

4 comments on “Book Review: Misako Aoki’s Kawaii Revolution

    • There is a lot of writing, but the pictures are super cute! Plus the pictures and a bit of imagination makes it a nice book to just curl up an look at. I find something new every time!

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