Lolita Challenge: Day 7 – 10 People who Inspire my Lolita Style.

Published Monday, 8 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny


  1. Misako Aoki : Her style is so sweet, cute, and sophisticated. I am in love with her things!
  2.  Asuka and Maki: They are the designer of Angelic Pretty. Need I say more?
  3. Masumi Kano: Designer of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
  4.  Victoria Suzanne:  She is a strong lolita individual. She really opened the world of enchantment to me!
  5. Kairi Mori: She is the perfect lolita in the western world. She is just so cute! She is a great artist too!
  6. Rachel Claire:  Her style is adorable! When she and Kairi Mori get together, it is amazing. She just started a blog. I love reading it.
  7. Daniela Merkens: She has a wonderful mix of sweet and classical style. She sold me my Milky Chan skirt. Her sewing skills are out of this world! I hope she becomes a big name or sales her things! I would love to have some Cute Lou!
  8. Candey or Stephanie:  Her outfits are great, and she wears glasses! She is almost a legend to me.
  9. Alice:   I what to grow my hair out as long as her. She is just a DOLL!
  10. All the girls at Daily Lolita are impressive!

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