Kamikaze Girls: A Rococo Lady’s Schedule

Published Monday, 8 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny

“An ordinary day for a Rococo lady went according to the following schedule:

“Generally, you wake up around 11 o’clock in the morning. The little puppy you keep in your room starts barking, so you languidly scoop him up onto the bed and, rubbing your eyes, play with him for a while. When you get tired of that, you finally get out of bed, crack open the drapes to see what the weather is like, and let them fall close again. Then you ring for your maidservant. As you sit there sipping the tea she brings you, still in half a daze, another maidservant appears.


Now that you have 2 maids there, it’s time to get dressed. First, they slip off your negligee and put you in a dressing gown -you do absolutely nothing yourself -and when they’ve done that, even though you aren’t ill or anything, they each take one of your shoulders and slowly drag you to the makeup chamber. Then, they leisurely start making up your face, and when they’re finally done with that, you move on to your dressing room and choose what you’re going to wear. Then, it’s time for a meal.

After that, all you do until the sun sets is go on walks, play card games (which sounds very ladylike, but we’re talking about gambling, folks, gambling!), rid horses, go boating, and so on.

At night, you attend concerts and plays, or amuse yourself with dancing. Of course, you take a meal at some point, spending a lot of time at the table, greedily feasting on large helpings of all kinds of things.
Deeper into the night, you do the nasty. For people of the Rococo era, doing the nasty was not shameful, but more like a game, or even a kind of sport. And then it was time to go to sleep.

Certainly one could call this a decadent, lazy lifestyle -but would you not agree that this is also a truly aesthetic way of life?

-Novala Takemoto

When I read this passage, the movie Marie Antoinette flashed before my mind.


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