Lolita Challenge: Day 6 – 10 Things I can’t Live without in Lolita.

Published Sunday, 7 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny


  1. I don’t think lolita would be present in my closet without the internet. Thank you, Livejournal’s EGL Sales Comm.
  2. My great  –yet odd –petticoat makes a difference from casual lolita and dressed up lolita.
  3. I hate to miss a day of not reading my large collection of lolita and other blogs on BlogLovin.
  4. I love little, cheap, kid hair bows.
  5. No damage sponge curlers the night before works miracles!
  6. The book and movie  of Shimotsuma Monogatori or Kamikaze Girls is very helpful for all beginners and love by most lolitas.
  7. Glitter is perfect for decorations, rosy cheeks, and nails.
  8. UPS, FedEx, and my mail man are responsible for delivering all of my lolita items.
  9. Tea. Lolitas need tea on a cool day.
  10. Ebay is something I keep my eyes on all the time. It is a surprising secret!

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