Too Hot for Lolita: How to Stay Cool and Cute

Published Saturday, 6 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny

Lolita is a perfect fashion for the winter. With long blouses, jumpskirts, petticoats, and tights, one can easily stay warm with a sweater or coat. However, the heat of the summer is an enemy for lolitas. Where I live in the USA, it is hot. This year has been a heat wave –like most of the USA.  Here are some tips on how to stay cool yet cute:

  • Sunscreen: Before putting makeup on, place sunscreen on your face and any exposed skin. The sunscreen will protect your fair skin and help prevent wrinkles.
  • Sunglasses: A cute pair of shades will not only look cute but protect your eyes, as well.
  • Hair: Put your hair up in a cute hairstyle off your neck.
  • Hat: To protect your skin more, wear a straw hat or a bonnet.
  • Skirt and Jumpskirt: Wearing light weight, like cotton, skirts and jumpskirts will make your life cooler. Keep dark and heavy fabric outfits, such as velvet, for the colder months. Also, if the outfit is unlined, it will be cooler.
  • Blouse: If you wear a blouse under your jumpskirt or when you wear a blouse with a skirt, try a short sleeve or a sleeveless blouse. I have a really cute sleeveless blouse!
  • Go without a Petticoat: I know some will never wear Lolita without a petticoat. However, I think some outfits look fine without one. If it has a little tulle in the lining, the skirt will look fine for casual outings -like to the mall!
  • Socks: Instead of wearing hot knee highs, find a nice pair of ankle socks to wear with your cute shoes!
  • Meet ups: During meet ups, remember to have plenty of water. Also, skip hot tea, and have iced tea or ice cream.


I hope, these tips will keep you cooler for the rest of the hot summer!


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