Lolita Challenge: Day 2 – 10 Things I Love in Lolita.

Published Wednesday, 3 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny


  1. I love the fashion’s inspirations –the Rococo, the Victorian era, the antebellum era, the 50’s era, ex.
  2. I love the lace, tulle, and ruffles.
  3. I love the modest. I love how sexy is not important, but rather, elegant and/or cute.
  4. I love the details in the prints, pattern, and lace.
  5. I love tea party shoes and Mary Jane shoes.
  6. I love the use of colors (while most of the USA is going forward to the dull brown and tans of the 70’s)
  7. I love petticoats. I also love hoop skirts, but that is more of historical reenactment fashions.
  8. I love learning about the culture of Japan – and anywhere else too –and the different fashion styles –like mori girl and gal.
  9. I love the stuffed animal handbags. I would love to let them join my animals on my bed.
  10. I love glitter.

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