Lolita Challenge: Day 1 – 10 Things About My Lolita Bubble.

Published Wednesday, 3 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny

I thought this challenge would be a great way for me to introduce myself as a lolita.


  • EBay is a daily visit. Like most lolitas, I check the EGL commutiy sales, but I also check eBay. I have bought 3 Brand items for wonderful prices. Recently a woman was selling her whole collection of lolita clothes at wonderful prices.
  • I love to watch period movies and TV shows. I grew up with The Little Princess. However, my most recent obsession is Downtown Abbey.Photobucket
  • I am waiting for Misako Aoki’s Kawaii Revolution in the mail.
  • I have the complete collection of the Grimm’s Tale and Hans Christian Anderson, and I love reading fairytales. I love learning about fairytales and following new interpretations of fairytales.
  • One of my goals when I study abroad in France (in a month) is to visit Angelic Pretty’s and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright boutiques in Paris. I hope to buy Baby’s sock sold only in Paris, and jewelry. Most of all, I hope to catch them having a sale, and I will love to buy a skirt.
  • Every time I go into a local store, I look for loli-able items. Target, T.J.Maxx, Walmart, Forever21, H&M, and thrift stores have wonderful things if you just try looking around for thing you personally like.
  • I like to dress up for church- sometimes in lolita!
  • My friends and parents are quite splendid; they put up with my lolita outfits and excited rants about lolita finds on the internet.
  • In lolita, I feel like me. It is my bubble.



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