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Kamikaze Girls: Tough

Published Tuesday, 30 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny

“I’m weak. And that’s why I pretend to be tough. If I let myself be weak, inside myself, there’d be nothing left of me after a while. I think people shouldn’t be too easy on themselves. I need to be tough on myself because I’m weak, that’s all.” -Momoko

Novala Takemoto

Hard to be yourself?


Lolita Challenge: Day 29 – A Picture of a Lolita I Would Love to Meet for Real.

Published Tuesday, 30 August 2011 by Sydney Sunny


I would love to meet Victoria Suzanne Stella Alice. She is amazing. Not only does so have the best lolita blog online, she has over come critical illnesses with a strong heart! Her style is fresh and fun! She was the first lolita I longed to meet. I would love to met any lolita from my list of lolita’s that inspire me, but she was the very first!